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Friday, November 30th, 2007
Posted by CloudANDTidus at 07:29 PM EST

Fanfiction & Article: Death Happens, The Queen of Midgar and import review update

Today's update to the Citadel's archive may be a small one, but it's all still worth a good read. This week, fanfiction writer Jacinth Nun returns, this time with two stories to tingle your interest. First up is "Death Happens", a tale told five hundred years after the events of Final Fantasy VII where the valiant Vincent Valentine is having a hard time coming to terms with his never-ending life.

Jacinth's second plate to the table is "The Queen of Midgar", the beginnings of an epic story set in an alternative reality. The Turks must find the president of Shin-Ra Corp, recently kidnapped by persons unknown, before the company collapses completely. Both are rated PG-13, so check them out!

Finally tonight, Daneder's import review of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII has been updated with several additions and minor corrections. Scores for the game's graphics, game play, music, story and replayability have also been added.

Thank you for checking out today's fanfiction and article submissions, and please be aware that new additions to the Citadel continue to be suspended until further notice.


Sunday, November 11th, 2007
Posted by Reeve at 10:49 AM EST

Staff Shuffle, Child's Play 2007, and a Special Announcement

Some big changes have been made in regards to the Forums' staff. First off, Jin, who served as an Administrator, has decided to leave the staff entirely; I'd just like to thank him here for his help in maintaining the Forums, and wish him the best. Sadly, Reno has also decided to step down from the role of Admin; however, he is remaining on staff as the Forums Technician and the new General Discussion mod. Taking both Jin and Reno's place in the administrative arena is The Slider; please join me in congratulating his promotion! In addition, site News Editor Ex-SOLDIER has taken over the FF Discussion and Compilation Forum moderation duties from Anguipes Seraph, who is now moderating Serious Discussion and the Roleplay.

Next up, we are once again supporting Child's Play this year! Please check out the site and send them a donation, or if you prefer, participate in a fundraiser in your area or online.

Finally, submissions are being temporarily suspended for the upcoming U.S. Thanksgiving holiday, as well as for my own wedding to a former Citadel staff member. I first met Cyrus Dogstar on the Citadel's Forums back in late 2000 (when he was the Administrator) and now, seven years later, we will be exchanging vows. He's a major reason why Final Fantasy VII means so much to me, and I'd just like to thank Ambigore for creating this irreplaceable site. Thanks, Ambi!


Thursday, November 1st, 2007
Posted by Ex SOLDIER at 01:46 AM EST

Crisis Core Soundtrack Review

A brief bit of news, the guys over at Music 4 Games have posted a review of the recently released soundtrack to Crisis Core. The soundtrack has a 'Pre-Meteor' and 'Pre-Sephiroth' sound about it, while still containing elements of Uematsu's original arrangements.

"Listeners approaching this album in hopes of reliving memories of the original game title can rest assured that the two-disc soundtrack has some high-caliber nostalgia in effect from its repertoire."

You can read the full review here


Posted by Reeve at 12:11 AM EST

This Month's Theme, Tons of Crisis Core Screens, More

Our theme for November 2007 is the mischevious materia girl Yuffie Kisaragi. Cheers to longtime Citadeler Six for this month's banner artwork! In case you missed any of the previous themes, they are all archived on the Tenth Anniversary page. We're still looking for artists for upcoming themes, so if you're interested, check out the details on the Tenth Anniversary page and drop us a line.

For today's update, we've posted over a hundred Crisis Core screens, the bulk of which are from that game's rendition of the Nibelheim incident. They can all be found on the CC Images & Media page under the heading "Custom Screenshots"; be aware that there are possible minor spoilers present. A huge thanks goes out to Daneder, author of our recent Crisis Core Import Review, for taking these screenshots and sharing them with us!

Elsewhere, Yuffie gets her entry in the Character Compendium, and Retroactive Continuity in the Compilation has been updated with several details pertaining to Before Crisis (note that there are spoilers present).