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Saturday, July 30th, 2005
Posted by Reeve at 08:40 PM EST

Coming Soon to (Japanese) Theaters...

Thanks to memory to Zack and Ludo on the Forums for posting the news that Advent Children will hit Japanese theaters shortly before the DVD release. According to GameSpot, AC's Japanese premiere will be on September 8th, followed by a wider release two days later. As a reminder, the DVD for AC is due for release in Japan and North America on September 14th.


Posted by Reeve at 11:44 AM EST

Dirge of Cerberus News; Images, Name Origins, Fanart Updates

Some interesting new details about Dirge of Cerberus have come about, including news of an online component, character names, and more. Details can be found on the DC FAQ and DC Characters pages. Thanks goes out to Ludo, Diamond Weapon, memory to ZacK, and CloudANDTidus for the new information.

On all three of the Compilation of FFVII Images & Media pages, I've posted the official wallpapers for Advent Children, Before Crisis, and Dirge of Cerberus. Please note that we are not making the "Shinra site" AC wallpapers available at this time, as we wish to avoid any potential conflicts with Square Enix.

Finally, the FFVII Name Origins page has been updated for Vincent's new rifle Cerberus; the Staff page is now fully up-to-date; and seven interesting new fanart pieces by EarlX have been added-- photomanipulation of AC screenshots that depict FFVII characters in their old costumes (in Rude's case, his BC manifestation).


Monday, July 25th, 2005
Posted by Reeve at 11:16 PM EST

New Pics of Advent Children Collectables

Our affiliate Tuulisti's Website has some great new pictures up of various Advent Children items due out in both Japan and North America later this year, including two deluxe creature figures and a replica of the new airship (preordering info here and here). Be sure to check out the Advent Children section of Tuulisti's Website for information and pictures for all the current and upcoming AC collectables.


Friday, July 22nd, 2005
Posted by Reeve at 09:28 PM EST

Special Feature: Interview With FF7 Hackers

For tonight's update, we've posted an exclusive interview with Qhimm and Ficedula, both well-known figures in the Final Fantasy VII hacking and modding scene. These two programmers are responsible for a number of widely-used utilities for the PC version of FFVII, including Jenova and Cosmo. If you're at all interested in the programming of FF7 PC, please check it out!

Secondly, you may notice that this interview is the first under a new header in Game Information titled "Special Features", and that a number of other pages and subsections appear to be missing. In fact, these pages-- including various interviews, reviews, and press releases-- can now be found under a new main menu section titled Press Clippings.

That's all for today. Have a good weekend, everyone!


Posted by Reeve at 08:29 AM EST

Trailer Update

Apparently, all of the trailers which we posted about yesterday have been taken down. If you're still curious to see the Crisis Core one, a lower-res version can currently be seen at GameSpot. Speaking of which, GameSpot also has a new PS2 montage trailer, which contains Dirge of Cerberus footage.

Thanks again to Sephiroth OWA for the heads-up.


Thursday, July 21st, 2005
Posted by Reeve at 10:24 PM EST

New Advent Children, Crisis Core Trailers

A couple of new Compilation of FFVII trailers have cropped up recently. One of these, an Advent Children trailer, can be found on the recently-released Region 1 DVD of Steamboy; however, the second trailer is far more interesting, as it's for Crisis Core, the Zack-centric prequel in the Compilation that we currently know the least about. IGN has the CC trailer available for streaming here. As for the AC trailer, several links to it have been posted in the Forums' "AC Updates" thread-- please note that this trailer may contain spoilers. Thanks goes out to Sephiroth OWA for posting these finds.

In other AC news, Sephiroth OWA has also informed us that the film will be shown in its entirety at this year's Venice International Film Festival. As you may recall, a 25-minute preview version of AC was shown at last year's festival.


Wednesday, July 13th, 2005
Posted by Reeve at 08:56 PM EST

New FFVII Cameo, More Amano Artwork

For today's update, we have a new page under the Character Cameos subheader in Game Information which is dedicated to homages and "unofficial" FFVII cameos. ChibiTaryn's observation about the Love Hina manga has been moved here, and a new entry has been added for FFVII character appearances in Faeries' Landing. Thanks goes out to Mogfreak for sending us the info about this latter homage.

Also new today are three more additions to the Image Illustration section under Images & Media. These artworks are all by Yoshitaka Amano, and feature Cloud and Aeris in the first two images, and Sephiroth and Aeris in the third. Once again, these images come from the now-defunct FFVII Battle Square, and again we'd like to thank Desibabu for contributing them to the Citadel.


Wednesday, July 6th, 2005
Posted by Reeve at 09:34 PM EST

New Final Fantasy Concert Albums

The FFVII Discography has been updated with FFVII track info for two recent albums, recorded live from the Dear Friends and More Friends concerts, respectively. The Dear Friends album contains a live rendition of "Aerith's Theme" (unfortunately, the "New Melody from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children"-- which is regularly performed in the Dear Friends concerts-- is nowhere to be found on this CD). The More Friends album features "Aerith's Theme" as well, but also included is "Opening - Bombing Mission", marking the first time this piece has been recorded in an "arrange" version.

Also for today's update, a new site has been added to the Links page.


Saturday, July 2nd, 2005
Posted by Reeve at 08:40 PM EST

Huge Update: Before Crisis, Fanart, and More!

First off, a happy belated Canada Day to all our Canuck friends and visitors, and an early happy Independance Day to the Yanks!

Today, we're making available some nice screenshots from the TGS 2004 trailer for Before Crisis, which is almost entirely rendered in an anime style (see the example to the left). You can check them out on the new BC Images & Media page. I've also added some new characters to (what else) the BC Characters page, and posted four new in-game screenshots from BC, a couple of which contain backgrounds which should be familiar to anyone who's played the original FFVII.

The Advent Children FAQ has been updated with detailed info about the Japanese DVD releases, the Last Order OAV, and places to buy import AC merchandise. Speaking of Last Order, a new subsection for this OAV's screenshots can now be found on the AC Images & Media page.

In addition, the page on FFVII cameos in Itadaki Street Special has been updated, as well as the one about the "Giant Aeris" in the Debug Room. And for fanworks, we have a some unique new additions to the Fanart section; namely, a couple of chocobo sculptures by Coglo Kakol.

Finally, I'm pleased to announce that we are once again open for submissions.