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Monday, March 27th, 2006
Posted by Reeve at 02:33 PM EST

AC in the UK in April?, Kingdom Hearts, More

Advent Children is all but confirmed for North American release next month, but what about the UK? A European release date of April 24 was reported, which proved to be controversial. However, a quick check of Sony Pictures' UK site has confirmed that AC is heading to the British Isles on April 24, 2006, a day earlier than the North American release. It also appears that Virgin Megastore in the UK is now promoting AC for this release date (thanks to CloudANDTidus for this latter bit of info). If anyone has any further information, feel free to send it to us; for the time being, we expect our UK visitors to be awaiting April 24th with bated breath.

Speaking of new releases, the highly-anticipated Kingdom Hearts 2 is due out in North America this week. In light of this, the Kingdom Hearts Cameos page has been revised with more information about the original game, its GameBoy Advance spinoff Chain of Memories, and the new, full-fledged sequel. More information about the FFVII characters' appearances in KH2 will be forthcoming; in the meantime, hope you all enjoy the new content.

As for other updates, the Yellow Orb page now sports a new theory contribution (partially inspired by AC) as well as a new feature, and the Vincent's Age page now includes an observation which is, again, related to AC.

Finally, I'd like to officially welcome Cyrus Dogstar back to the Citadel's staff. A former Webmaster and (prior to that) Forums Administrator, Cyrus has occassionally assisted me with sorting through submissions, and he's agreed to continue this work on a more regular basis.


Tuesday, March 21st, 2006
Posted by Seb at 07:57 PM EST

Advent Children Hollywood Cinema Screening

On Adventchildren_ (check out this community in our affiliate links), a member posted the news that a special cinema screening in Hollywood is being planned to celebrate the launch of Advent Children this April.

The screening is apparently a one-off at the Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood on April the 3rd. Although the show is said to be open to the general public, word is now quickly spreading so getting in is going to be much more difficult. Check here or here for further details of the showing.

Our thanks to CloudANDTidus from the forums for the link.


Saturday, March 18th, 2006
Posted by Seb at 11:24 AM EST

Final Fantasy XII Japanese launch and FF7 Remake rumours

This item is a few days old now but the long awaited Final Fantasy XII is at last now on sale in Japan having suffered notorious delays. It is reported that the game is being prepared for North American release and fans will hopefully find it in stores by November.

Of particular interest for Final Fantasy 7 fans was the reaction of the Square-Enix President Yoichi Wada at a launch event. According to 1UP, when asked whether a remake of FF7 on the PS3 was at all likely, Wada is reported to have said it would be considered. The Magic Box site gives a slightly more detailed report claiming Wada said that a "remake is likely to happen with a large demand, but it is very difficult, the company is currently examining the possibilities."

Neither report is close to confirming anything at all and is reminiscent of an earlier rumour sparked by a Nomura interview. However it should be noted that this a rumour from the President of Square-Enix himself. Watch this space for any future developments.


Sunday, March 12th, 2006
Posted by Reeve at 05:19 PM EST

AC Promo Materials, More

Today, we have an interesting contribution from Gamingtrevor: a promotional advertisement for Advent Children that was distributed to video retailers. Citadel regulars might recall another retailer-only ad Gamingtrevor posted to the Forums late last year, when the rumored North American release date (verified by that ad) was November 29, 2005. This ad is largely the same, the most significant difference being the new street date of April 25, 2006; another interesting note about this ad is the mention of an "Online Sweepstakes" tied to AC, which we hope to have more information about soon. For future reference, this new ad can be found on the AC Images & Media page.

Also new today is an updated version of Marcelo X's FAQ for FFVII Snowboarding, a small update to the Demo Versions page, and yet another Forums staff change noted on (of course) the Staff page.

Finally, I'm closing submissions for the time being, as a good many have piled up and (for various reasons) I haven't been able to properly sort through them all. Until further notice, no new submissions other than news items will be considered; please see the Submission Policies for further details. Thanks.


Sunday, March 5th, 2006
Posted by Reeve at 12:08 PM EST

Tiny Update

Today we've posted our first article of 2006, "Planet Life: Bridging the Gap" by Daniel Shorten.

Also new today on the Demo Versions page is an entry about a second FFVII PC demo. Much thanks goes out to John S. for providing us with the info!