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Updates | Update Archive | June 2008 | Fanfiction, name origins and errors & mistakes update

06/08/2008: "Fanfiction, name origins and errors & mistakes update"

We have quite a few new additions to the Citadel today. First off in the fanfiction department, Snowpuppet has returned with the next batch of long awaited chapters for "Final Fantasy VII-Twisted". This update brings us up to Chapter 10 and includes a two parter for your reading pleasure. Also returning with another two chapters is Jacinth Nun's "The Queen of Midgar", which is getting closer to its epic conclusion.

Elsewhere on the site, Yazoo has been added to the Final Fantasy VII name origins thanks to a submission from Salzman, while Advent Children: Errors & Mistakes has received a new entry relating to the "invisible" driver (not) seen in one of the film’s flashbacks.

The Advent Children Merchandise & Collectables page and Crisis Core FAQ have also been modified to keep them up to date.

Posted by CloudANDTidus at 08:47 PM EST