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05/21/2005: "A Musical Interlude"

First off, if you've never been to one of the Dear Friends concerts, I hope you get the opportunity. Last night, Cyrus Dogstar and I attended the Hartford, CT performance, and it was a great experience. Many of Nobuo Uematsu's most memorable compositions were performed, including two from FFVII; also featured was an all-new piece that will be heard in Advent Children. If you're interested, I've posted my review of the concert in the Forums.

On a related topic, today I've added two new pages about the music of Final Fantasy VII. First off is a comprehensive discography of FFVII music, covering everything from the Original Soundtrack to the FFIX version of "Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony". You can find this page under Game Information. Also new is a bit of info about FFVII's "hidden track", a piece of music that can only be found by sifting through the game's source files. For future reference, this second page is in the Buried in the Programming wing of the Secrets & Mysteries section.

In addition, under Images & Media, the two large .zip files of FFVII MIDIs have been reorganized for your convenience. Hats off to Colgo Kakol on the Forums for the suggestion.

Finally, we recently learned via that Square Enix is now selling select AC merchandise to North American fans through its website. The AC Merchandise page has thus been updated with the U.S. prices, as well as links to Square Enix's online stores. Also, the official press release announcing the movie's arrival date (see previous updates) has been added to Game Information.

Posted by Reeve at 04:14 PM EST