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Updates | Update Archive | May 2005 | Revisions, Updates, and Tweaks

05/14/2005: "Revisions, Updates, and Tweaks"

First off, as a part of the continuing revamp of the Strategy section, I've overhauled the Items guide.

Secondly, in the Advent Children area of the Compilation of FFVII section, the new release date has been noted, and two pages have been updated: Errors & Mistakes contains some additional thoughts about the sign near the Healin Lodge, and Merchandise has had a couple of minor tweaks made to it. Please keep in mind that the Citadel is avoiding plot spoilers until the movie comes out; if you wish to discuss such spoilers, please do so in the Forums' "Advent Children Thread," but be mindful of the "spoiler tag" rules.

Finally, a new chapter has been added to JetNoir's alternate universe fanfic Midgar Story. You can find this tale in the Epics wing of the Fanfiction section

Posted by Reeve at 01:18 PM EST