Strategy | Weapons: Aeris Gainsborough

Guard Stick
Location: Initially Equipped
Power: 12
Accuracy: 99%
Materia Slots: 1 unlinked
Materia Growth: Normal
Mythril Rod
Location: Wall Market shop
Power: 16
Accuracy: 100%
Materia Slots: 2 linked
Materia Growth: Normal
Full Metal Staff
Location: Kalm weapon shop
Power: 22
Accuracy: 100%
Materia Slots: 2 linked, 1 unlinked
Materia Growth: Double
Striking Staff
Location: Steal from Eligor in Trainyard
Power: 32
Accuracy: 100%
Materia Slots: 2 linked, 2 unlinked
Materia Growth: Normal
Prism Staff
Location: Cosmo Canyon weapon shop
Power: 40
Accuracy: 105%
Materia Slots: 4 linked
Materia Growth: Normal
Aurora Rod
Location: Wutai weapon shop
Power: 51
Accuracy: 110%
Materia Slots: 4 linked, 1 unlinked
Materia Growth: Normal
Wizard Staff
Location: Mt. Corel railroad tracks
Power: 28
Accuracy: 100%
Materia Slots: 3 unlinked
Materia Growth: Double
Wiser Staff
Location: Win by defeating Gi Nattak in Gi Cave
Power: 33
Accuracy: 100%
Materia Slots: 4 unlinked
Materia Growth: Double
Fairy Tale
Location: Win by defeating Turks in Gongaga
Power: 37
Accuracy: 103%
Materia Slots: 7 unlinked
Materia Growth: Normal
Location: 5000+ points in Speed Square (disk 1)
Power: 58
Accuracy: 118%
Materia Slots: None
Materia Growth: None
Princess Guard**
Location: Door #4 in Clock Maze, Temple of the Ancients
Power: 52
Accuracy: 111%
Materia Slots: 6 linked, 1 unlinked
Materia Growth: Normal

* - Aeris' gag weapon.
** - Aeris' ultimate weapon. Its power depends on how many allies are down.


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