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What follows is a guide detailing how Cloud can get picked by Don Corneo during his and Aeris' mission to rescue Tifa. This requires a bit of time and attention to detail, but if you obtain the right items, then winning the Don's affections should be a piece of cake.

Some Tips: Before you even enter Wall Market, make sure you have at least 280 gil handy-- you'll see why later. If you don't have 280 gil, fight some monsters in Sector 5 beforehand, or sell any items that you don't need.

Also, make note of Wall Market's save point (just down from the materia shop). It's a good idea to save in between getting each item, so that if you screw up, you can reload your game without having to retrace too many steps.

You should collect the following if you want Cloud to be chosen by the Don:

Silk Dress
After talking to the clerk in the tailor's store, find the tailor himself in the bar. When Aeris is talking to him, select the following options:

  • "that feels soft"
  • "that shimmers"

Go back to the tailor's shop afterwards, and you will receive the Silk Dress. Note that this must be the first item you get-- all the other items can be obtained afterward, and in any order that you like.

Blonde Wig
You can get a wig from Big Bro at the gym. To get the Blonde Wig, simply beat the bodybuilder in squats. With some practice, this should be fairly easy. After the competition ends, if you are the winner, you will receive the Blonde Wig.

Diamond Tiara
Talk to the man in the materia shop, and agree to go to the inn. Stay at the inn (for 10 gil), and buy the item in the vending machine that costs 200 gil. Afterwards, go back to the materia shop and show the man what you got in the vending machine. As compensation for running this errand, he'll give you the Diamond Tiara.

Bikini Briefs or Lingere
Obtain the Member's Card from the man pacing to the left of the Honeybee Inn, then head to the inn itself. To get the Bikini Briefs, choose the Group Room, where you can get this item from Mukki. To get the Lingere, choose the &$#% Room; after Mukki revives you, talk to the girl in the bee outfit—she will give you Lingere for your trouble. However, even though you now have either the Bikini Briefs or the Lingere, don't leave the Honeybee Inn just yet...

After coming out of the Group Room or the &$#% Room, head to the Dressing Room and talk to the girl on the far left. Have her put some "pretty makeup" on your face. This isn't an "item" per se, but it will improve your chances with the Don.

Sexy Cologne
To get this item, first you need to buy a meal at the diner (it doesn't matter what you get-- I usually go for the Korean BBQ, which is 70 gil). Tell the waitress that "It was all right," then receive your free Pharmacy Coupon. Now head to the pharmacy and try to get the clerk's attention. He will notice your Pharmacy Coupon and offer you one of three items in exchange. Choose the Digestive and head to the bar where you found the tailor. There will be a guy in the back who is shaking. Talk to this man, then go to the bathroom door just ahead of him. Open the door and talk to the person inside. Give them the Digestive, and they will give you the Sexy Cologne as a token of their thanks.


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