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Enemy skills can be gleaned off monsters and bosses with the Enemy Skill materia. These attacks can be potent, especially early in the game. There are 24 Enemy Skills to collect; listed below are the monsters and bosses holding these skills, and their locations.

Here's a tip to make getting enemy skills a bit easier: equip one of your party members with the Manipulate materia (and a Hypnocrown, if available). Have this character manipulate the monster who has the skill you need, then cast the skill on the party member with the Enemy Skill materia equipped. Note that this does not work with all monsters, especially bosses.

Frog Song - Casts Sleepel and Frog on all targets
    Touch Me (Gongaga area), Toxic Frog (Temple of the Ancients)

L4 Suicide - Causes Critical and Small on targets whose level is a multiple of four
    Mu (Chocobo Ranch area)

Magic Hammer - Drains 100 MP from one target
    Razor Weed (Wutai Continent)

White Wind - Restores HP and status to all targets
    Zemzelett (Junon area), Wind Wing (Whirlwind Maze)

Big Guard - Casts Barrier, MBarrier, and Haste on all targets
    Beach Plug (Gold Saucer shoreline)

Angel Whisper - Revives and completely restores HP and status to one target
    Pollensalta (Northern Crater)

Dragon Force - Raises Defense and Magic Defense to one target
    Dark Dragon (Northern Crater)

Death Force - Makes one target immune to death
    Adamantaimai (Wutai Continent)

Flame Thrower - Casts a fire-elemental attack to one target
    Ark Dragon (Mythrill Mine), Dragon (Mt. Nibel)

Laser - Reduces one target's HP by half
    Death Claw (Desert Prison)

Matra Magic - A non-elemental attack
    Custom Sweeper (Midgar area)

Bad Breath - Casts Poison, Confusion, Sleepel, Silence, Small, & Frog on all targets
    Malboro (Gaea's Cliff)

Beta - Casts a fire-elemental attack on all targets
    Midgar Zolom (Midgar Swamp)

Aqualung - Casts a water-elemental attack on all targets
    Harpy (Gold Saucer area), Jenova*LIFE (Forgotten City)

Trine - Casts a lightning-elemental attack on all targets
    Materia Keeper (Mt. Nibel)

Magic Breath - Casts a fire/ice/lightning-elemental attack on all targets
    Stilve (Northern Continent)

???? - Does damage equal to user's max HP divided by current HP
    Jersey (Shinra Mansion), King Behemoth (Northern Crater)

Goblin Punch - A physical attack used against one target
    Goblin (Goblin Island)

Chocobuckle - A physical attack used against one target
    Chocobo (Chocobo tracks)*

L5 Death - Casts Death on a target whose level is a multiple of five
    Parasite (Northern Crater)

Death Sentence - Gives the target a time limit before Death is inflicted
    Gi Spector (Gi Cave), Bound Fat (Zango Valley)

Roulette - Randomly casts Death on any available target
    Death Dealer (Northern Crater)

Shadow Flare - Casts a powerful non-elemental attack on one target
    Ultimate Weapon (Highwind), Dragon Zombie or Safer Sephiroth (Northern Crater)

Pandora's Box - Casts a powerful attack on all targets, ignoring defense
    Dragon Zombie (Northern Crater)

* - To obtain the elusive Chocobuckle, you will need to encounter a Chocobo whose level is a multiple of four. Feed this Chocobo Mimett Greens, then cast L4 Suicide on it. The Chocobo should then counterattack with Chocobuckle.

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