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What follows is a list of the Gameshark codes available for Final Fantasy VII.

Effect Code Possible Outcomes
Time in Reactor 1 Escape Stops 8009D268 0258 Data Read Failure
Walk Through Walls (Field Only) D00A99A4 A979
800A99AC 0013
D00A99A4 A979
800A99AE 1000
Possible Game Lock-Up and Data Read Failure
Magic, Summon, Enemy Skill Access 8009D2D2 0300 None
Full Menu Access 8009D2A4 03FF None
Save & PHS Anywhere 8009D2A6 0000 Minor Glitch
Have A Chocobo After Battle 8009D2DC FFFF None
No Random Battles (World Map) 8011627C 0000 None
No Random Battles (Elsewhere) 8007173C 0000 Imminent Game Lock-Up
Lots Of Random Battles (World Map) 8011627E FFFF None
Lots Of Random Battles (Elsewhere) 8007173E FFFF None
9,999,999 Gil 8009D260 967F, 8009D262 0098 None
Straight to Level 99* 801FFDD6 0100, 8009D7DA 0100 None
Aeris Revival*
(only on 3rd disc?)
8009CBDE FF03 Unknown
Limit Break at Beginning of Battle 8009AEDE FF01 Unknown
Cloud's Limit Breaks 8009C75A 02DB
9009C774 C9FF
Cloud's Ultimate Weapon 8009CC4 608F Unknown
Max Strength/Attack 3009C73A 00FF Unknown
Cloud at Level 99 8009C604 6300 Unknown

* Turn off the Gameshark when out of battle, or suffer a Possible Game Lock-Up or even a Data Read Failure.

Your Key to Gameshark failures

Possible Game Lock-Up:
There is a small chance the game will lock-up. If your game locks up, the image completely freezes, along with the music and the ability to move the cursor. This may not always happen; but sometimes will.

Imminent Game Lock-Up: There is a 100% chance that the above will happen in the first, second, or third battle you enter.

Minor Glitch: When you open up the game, something slightly wrong will occur. For example, Cloud may jump into the air for no reason, or the music will not play until you enter the next room. This effects the gameplay in NO way except what you see and hear.

Data Read Failure: The game enters a state in which all images are converted into colors and blocks. The game will freeze and your memory card will possibly be destroyed. The screen may turn multiple colors, or everything will look very fuzzy, like a TV which just lost cable. This is the worse possible effect of the accursed Gameshark.

Thanks goes out to Flowergirl3k and Roger for some of the codes.


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