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Strategy 1
By Josh Horsley

This is a way to beat Ruby Weapon without hitting him once with attack materia or a summon, and it's my pride and joy. I'm the only one that I know who can pull it off.

First, equip Cloud with his Ultimate Weapon. Next, equip him with a Mystile to help avoid Ruby Weapon's physical and magical attacks. For an accessory, equip a Ribbon or else you will be beaten by Ruby's back claws.

Next is your materia. Equip Cloud with a Master Magic linked to a MP Turbo, an Enemy Skill with magic hammer, mastered MP Plus, and HP Plus. Also you will need W-Magic, a mastered Double Cut so you can hit him 4 times, a mastered Luck Plus, and Speed Plus.

This next step is a must. Max out your STATS or you will hardly put a dent in him, plus having your luck maxed out helps. Hits will be stronger and you can dodge attacks easier. Stock up on Megalixirs so you can quickly heal when hit by Ruby Weapon's claws. Also, before battle kill both of the other characters in your party as they will not be fighting.

Whenthe battle starts, Ruby Weapon will bury his claws so hit them twice with 4x Attack to unbury them,and cast Wall and Regen to keep your character alive. You should be able to do this before he can attack with his claws. Never do anything but attack his claws or heal yourself if his claws are behind you. However, when his claws are out of the ground, do not attack, but instead use Magic Hammer on him until he is out of MP. Now you can start attacking Ruby Weapon when his claws are out of the ground. Always use your Ominislash on his claws when he buries them, not on Ruby Weapon himself as it only does about 900 damage per hit. From here, keep attacking him with 4x Attack and continue casting Wall and Regen on your character. This takes a long time, but it's worth it.

Strategy 2
By Tyler

Keep one character in top condition. Do the following for that character:
  - Have ribbon equipped as your accessory.
  - Equip the character's strongest weapon.
  - Equip the following materia: W-Summon, W-Item, W-Magic, Master Magic (linked with mastered All), and Master Summon. The rest of the materia is up to you.

Other Characters: Don't bother having ALL your characters pumped and loaded. Here's a little tip: if you mastered your W-Item materia, equip the second W-Item on a character. Designate your other character as another Item user, and usually keep him in defense. Just be careful, don't equip the Double Cut materia as a character may attack your allies when confused. Don't bother using any limit breaks; the damage won't do much since Ruby Weapon's vitality is very high.

Method: Save your game, then have your two weakest characters wounded. By the time you enter the battle, Ruby Weapon will throw his claws into the sand. This is when he's most vulnerable. Don't attack yet, only cast Life2 on all your wounded party members, and with the use of W-Magic, supply your party with the Wall spell. After that is done, use your dazers (found in the sunken Gelnika plane) and clone them with W-Item. Dazers work on Ruby Weapon. W-Summon Knights of the Round; Ruby WILL NOT counter attack with Ultima. Be careful if your characters are confused. While using the W-item, clone your Hero Drinks and repeatedly cast them on your strongest character. Use Megalixir whenever possible. Use Dazers once and when both Knights of the Round spells are done, WAIT BEFORE you try again, just to play it safe. Ruby Weapon will start moving again, so use Dazers on it again and repeat the process. I recommend using Hero Drink on your strongest characters until the damage is at 9,999.

Strategy 3

Simply use the Hades summon materia on him. This will cast Stop upon him, and then you can attack him with impunity. Casting Hades might not stop him after the first try, but it will after the second or third time casting it.


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