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When you visit Wutai, you may come across the Turtle's Paradise pub, in front of which is posted the following notice:

Pub [Turtle's Paradise]
Publicity Flyers!
[Turtle's Paradise] is now having a publicity campaign. Flyers will be posted all over the world. So make sure you look for our flyers that say "Turtle's Paradise". There's six in all. If you find them all, make sure to let the owner of Turtle's Paradise know. You can win a prize! All you have to do is read them. Please don't take them down or rip them up!!
Owner, Turtle's Paradise

This contest is the real deal—if you find and read all six of these flyers throughout your travels, you can collect a prize from the owner of Turtle's Paradise. This prize consists of one of each of the following: Power Source, Guard Source, Magic Source, Mind Source, Speed Source, Luck Source, and Megalixir.

The six flyers are in the following locations:

  1. House, Sector 5 Slums - Enter the house to the far right and go upstairs. In the kid's room, you'll see some yellow sheets of paper posted on the wall. One of these is the first Turtle's Paradise flyer.
  2. 1st Floor, Shinra Building - Note: this flyer can only be accessed during your first trip to the Shinra Building on Disk 1, and/or the Midgar mission on Disk 2! This easily overlooked flyer is located on the first level of the Shinra Building's lobby—it's in the back by the elevators, on a bulletin board to the right.
  3. Ghost Hotel, Gold Saucer - The third flyer is located just outside the entrance to the Shop, located to the left side of the Ghost Hotel's lobby.
  4. Tiger Lily Arms Shop, Cosmo Canyon - The fourth flyer is tacked up right by this weapon store, where a save point is located. You can't miss it!
  5. Shildra Inn, Cosmo Canyon - The fifth flyer can be found in this inn, which is just upstairs from the Pub "Starlet". The flyer itself is tacked up on the wall near the registration desk.
  6. Yuffie's House, Wutai - Note: this flyer can only be accessed if you have obtained Yuffie! On your first trip to Wutai, Yuffie will steal your party's materia. Once you have her cornered, she will take you to a room, ostensibly to return your materia. As you leave this room, take a look at the notice posted just outside the doorway—it is the sixth Turtle's Paradise flyer.


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