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FMV Stillshots
There's a simple method of freezing the FMV sequence, allowing you to focus on a particular screenshot for any amount of time. When the screenshot you want to observe appears, simply pop open the PSX's lid. The FMV sequence will then freeze. This is an excellent way of obtaining screenshots through a digital camera.

Random FMV
Warning: this trick may damage your PlayStation.

If you're ambitious, you can view random FMV sequences. Insert a Final Fantasy VII CD into the PSX, and during game play take out that CD and put another FFVII CD into the PSX. This may mean you must keep the lid open at all times and fool the PSX into thinking the lid is closed by holding down the 'close drive' button. With the lid up, you can swap the Final Fantasy VII discs anytime and view various FMV sequences.

Update (August 1999): M. Quigley has confirmed this trick with his following method. Read his words.

"1. Wait 'till one of those half FMV sequences (eg. after you talk to Barret and his buddies at the gate on the first mission). I think you can do it on any of these half ones. It is the scenes where your character is still polygonal but the background is FMV. You open the case quickly right when the half thing starts.

2. Then quickly insert another cd (either disc two or three) and then quickly close the PlayStation again.

3. Another FMV sequence should run. I got the one where you are looking out at the gold saucer."

Cheers, Quigley!


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