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Strategy 1
By Ultimate_Cloud

I have created a strategy for Emerald Weapon and how to beat it:

First, make sure you equip AS LITTLE materia as possible on every character (8 MAX). Next, make sure you are HIGH level (EG: 99). Max out your HP with an HP Plus materia so that it is at 9999. Now, on at least one character, equip two materias (HP Plus and KOTR or Mime).

Next, go into battle with Emerald Weapon. Keep your HP high with plenty of Megalixers. Always make sure your character equipped with two materia is at MAX HP (9999). Emerald Weapon with eventually cast the hated "Aire Tam Storm". However, instead of killing you, it will only hurt you for the amount of materia you have on (EG: two materia = 2222 damage).

This brings me to my conclusion. If their HP was 9999 at the time Emerald used it, then it should now read: 7777!!! This will make the fight A LOT less hard. There is a side-effect though. The "7777 Cheat" DOES NOT last until the end of the battle. It does a HUGE number of slashes (2 minutes worth) then pauses. If it stops, then heal up and hope it hits you with Aire Tam Storm again.

Additional note: According the the author, this strategy has a 25% success rate.

Strategy 2
By Kusanagi Ryu

Have Cloud and Barret in your party, and kill the other character. Barret is to be equipped with Missing Score and a Wizard Bracelet, with 8 Mimes paired with 8 mastered Support Counter, and Cloud equipped with W-Item. You then put his Limit Break on level three, and get the bar up. After entering the battle with Emerald Weapon, you use two Hero Drinks on Barret with Cloud, and then have Barret unleash Angermax. Once Emerald Weapon attacks Barret, he'll counter with Angermax eight times and kill Emerald Weapon. I'm not the source of this strategy - I have a clip of it from a Japanese TV show where they used it to kill Emerald Weapon in a minute and eighteen seconds.


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