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Star Pendant
Effect: Protects against Poison
Location: Exchange for Coupon B in Shinra Building
Effect: Spirit+10
Location: After deafeating H0512 in Shinra Building
Protect Vest
Effect: Vitality+10
Location: After defeating Rufus on the Shinra Building's roof
Poison Ring
Effect: Absorbs Poison attacks
Location: After defeating Motor Ball on Midgar Highway
Power Wrist
Effect: Strengh+10
Location: After defeating Bottomswell in Junon Harbor
Silver Glasses
Effect: Protects against Darkness
Location: Shop in Junon
Effect: Protects against Sleep
Location: Shop in Junon
White Cape
Effect: Protects against Frog/Mini
Location: After defeating Jenova*BIRTH in Shinra Boat
Fire Ring
Effect: Protects against Fire
Location: Basement in Costa Del Sol villa
Fury Ring
Effect: Makes you Berserk
Location: Shop in Gongaga
Fairy Ring
Effect: Protects against Poison/Darkness
Location: Gi Cave
Jem Ring
Effect: Protects against Paralyze/Petrify/Slow Numb
Location: After defeating Materia Keeper in Mt. Nibel
Effect: Magic+10
Location: Shop in Rocket Town
Choco Feather
Effect: Dexterity+10
Location: Shop in Wutai
Peace Ring
Effect: Protects against Beserk/Fury/Sadness
Location: After defeating Rapps in Da-Chao mountains
Champion Belt
Effect: Power, Vitality+30
Location: Exchange for 16,000 BP at Battle Square
Effect: Immunity against all status attacks
Location: Door 5 of the Temple of the Ancients' clock maze, hidden cave in Gaea's Cliff, morph Ho-chu in Battle Square (Special Battle)
Water Bracelet
Effect: Absorbs Water attacks
Location: Corral Valley
Effect: Magic, Spirit+30
Location: Steal from Snow in Great Glacier
Effect: Increases manipulation rate
Location: cave just past Coral Valley
Safety Bit
Effect: Immune to Sudden Death/Petrify/Slow Numb
Location: Great Glacier
Reflect Ring
Effect: Automatically casts Reflect on wearer
Location: After defeating Jenova*DEATH in Whirlwind Maze
Ice Ring
Effect: Immune to Ice attacks
Location: After defeating Chekhov in Wutai
Effect: Luck+10
Location: Shop in Mideel
Bolt Ring
Effect: Immune to Lightning attacks
Location: Sleeping man near Junon, shop in Mideel
Tough Ring
Effect: Vitality, Spirit+50
Location: Steal from Reno (Disk 2)
Tetra Elemental
Effect: Immune to Fire, Ice, Bolt, and Earth
Location: Morph Cactuers, located on Cactus Island
Sneak Glove
Effect: Increases stealing rate
Location: Weapon shop in Wall Market (Disks 2 and 3)
Cursed Ring
Effect: Increases status but condemns you in battle
Location: Steal from Ultimate Weapon in Mideel. Alternately, go to the weapon shop in Mideel and find a locked door. Then, walk around the house at the far left to find a key. Use the key to unlock the door in the shop, and be honest with the shopkeeper when he asks what you're doing.
Protect Ring
Effect: Automatically casts wall on wearer
Location: Morph Movers in the swamps of the Northern Crater
Cat's Bell
Effect: Restores your HP as you walk or run
Location: Win at the Chocobo Races
Sprint Shoes
Effect: Casts Haste on you in Battle
Location: Win at the Chocobo Races


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