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Well, the history of this site is rather long, and I don't wish to be accused of self-glorification, so a summary will be provided instead. First established in May 1998, the site has been through twelve webmasters and five URLs since then. Listed here are the twelve webmasters, in chronological order:

  • Ambigore
  • Aman / Roy D. Mercer
  • Highwind
  • Uncle Elmo
  • Ambigore (again)
  • Cyrus Dogstar
  • Ambigore (and again)
  • ChibiTaryn
  • Ambigore (... and AGAIN!)
  • ChibiTaryn (again)
  • Reeve
  • CloudANDTidus

Each oversaw the site in their own individual way. The site has seen a few radical periods, where it would be alive at one stage, and then remain dead for another. It was finally towards July 1999 the FFVII Citadel was permanently revived. Since then, the site was constantly updated, attracting fans from around the 'Net. The FFVII Citadel received a major overhaul during October 2001, but hit a few dead periods in the years that followed.

The current layout of the Citadel was completed during Aug.-Sept. 2004, with an Advent Children theme. Starting in early 2007, a series of themed alterations for the tenth anniversaries of both FFVII and the Citadel were posted on a monthly basis. New banner and sidebar graphics inspired by the 2001 overhaul, but using the 2004 layout, were introduced in May 2008.

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