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The Citadel's AcmlmboardI'd like to say a few short words about Acmlm, Havoks and Blades, three people who have, over the course of the past year, ensured the survival of the Final Fantasy VII Citadel Messageboard. After some problems with the EZBoard, back in July 2001, we were given an Acmlmboard, courtesy of Acmlm, and hosted on RPGSource.

After the Citadel's hosting at RPGSource became unstable, the board was shuffled from various servers until Havoks offered to host us. The Citadel's Acmlmboard was reinstated and found a home for a few months on Havoks' server. Thanks to Havoks' generosity, the Citadel's Messageboard was able to survive.

A pic for BladesIn June/July 2002 the Citadel's Messageboard encountered further problems, and Blades, a database expert, offered his assistance to the board to get it up and running. As a thank you for all his help, I drew a picture of a blue haired elf, as a show of gratitude.

  Thanks to the continued assistance of these three, the board continues to thrive. Their help is greatly appreciated by all the members of the Citadel's forums.


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