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  1. Shinra Sequel Rumor
  2. PlayStation 2 Remake
  3. FFVII - 2 (includes note regarding Advent Children)
  4. PlayStation 3 Remake

1. Shinra Sequel
Information has been received from President Shinra concerning a possible sequel. Apparently SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America) had planned on creating a FFVII sequel. It would involve the same story, except this time the game would be played from the Shinra's point of view.

2. PlayStation 2 Remake
It has been widely rumored that Squaresoft was also considering remakes of all the 32-bit Final Fantasy games for the PlayStation 2. However, it was also rumored that the failure of the film "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within" has meant that Squaresoft is no longer considering this remake.

Update: It has been officially confirmed that Squaresoft will NOT be porting all three PS1 Final Fantasy games to the PS2. However, the various FFVII-based projects which have been announced in late-2003 and 2004 have once again given rise to rumors of a FFVII remake.

3. FFVII-2
This rumor, which has been circulating since June 2003, states that Square-Enix is considering a sequel to FFVII after the success of their first Final Fantasy Sequel (FFX-2). So far no facts can be confirmed though, although character designer Tetsuya Nomura has stated officially in Japan's Dorimaga Magazine that a sequel is "unlikely". This hasn't put a damper on the rumors though!

The rumors began when Square-Enix's Yoshinori Kitase made some comments in the same magazine about wanting to make a sequel...

The most recent rumor on FFVII-2 is that, while it can't be confirmed either way, it may not be for Sony's PS2, or even its PS3. It may be released for the upcoming PSP machine... Again though, there is no official confirmation.

An April Fool's FFVII-2 Mockup from

Update: As many of you know, this rumor was CONFIRMED (in a way) in Sept 2003 when a trailer for a movie titled Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children was screened at the Tokyo Game Show. Although this sequel is a movie and not a game (as many had hoped for), Advent Children has generated much excitement and anticipation among fans. Some months after the creation of this film was announced, a second sequel appeaered in the form of a PS2 game titled Dirge of Cerberus. For more information about these projects and others, please visit the Compilation of FFVII section.

4. PlayStation 3 Remake
Square Enix's PlayStation 3 technical demo—which recreated FFVII's opening movie—sparked rumors that the company is planning a remake of the original game for this upcoming console. Even though Square Enix officials at E3 2005 (where the demo was first shown) were quick to say that the tech demo is not from an upcoming remake, Yoshinori Kitase (the director of the original FFVII) later hinted at some sort of Final Fantasy being developed for the PS3. Whether this is an FFVII remake, FFXIII, or another game is currently anyone's guess. Tetsuya Nomura has also recently said that he personally would like to do a remake, but did not say anything about there actually being one in production.

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