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  1. Space Travel
  2. Zack
  3. Red XIII
  4. Watching the 'Loveless' Play
  5. 1/35 Soldier Ornaments
  6. 1/35 Soldier Bonus
  1. Lara Croft Rumor
  2. Tifa Getting Killed
  3. Super Sweeper
  4. Aeris' Spirit
  5. Aire Tam Storm
  6. Hentai Ending
  1. Ruby Weapon Weakness
  2. Seaplane
  3. Saving Aeris
  4. Highwind / Tiny Bronco
  5. Killing Priscilla
  6. Limit Break Special

1. Space Travel
It's been rumored you can fly in space (besides when retrieving the Huge Materia from the Shinra rocket). Go to Midgar on disk 3, infiltrate the Shinra HQ again, and you'll find a new level in the elevator. This elevator will take you to a secret location where a test Shinra rocket is located. Board it, and fly in space. This sounds dubious as there's no known way of re-entering the Shinra HQ on disk 3.

2. Zack
Apparently when Cloud reaches Level 99, there is a small chance his hair will turn black and he'll morph into Zack.

3. Red XIII
It's also been suggested when Red XIII reaches Level 99, his tail will catch alight.

4. Watching the 'Loveless' Play
Yes, there is a rumor that says you can watch the 'Loveless' play. Remember the empty chest in the Corel Prison? Apparently there should be a ticket inside there. Find it, return to the Gold Saucer and visit the theatre. With the ticket, you can then watch the 'Loveless' play.

5. 1/35 Soldier Ornaments
It is alleged if you collect twelve 1/35 soldiers and buy the house at Costa Del Sol, you can display these soldiers on a window sill as house ornaments.

6. 1/35 Soldier Bonus
If you obtain twelve 1/35 soldiers and play the strategy game at Fort Condor, you will receive an extra soldier unit to use.

7. Lara Croft Rumor
T. Newman professes Tomb Raider starlet Lara Croft is obtainable in Final Fantasy VII. He believes in breeding two gold chocobos and improving them to S Class. Once doing so, beat Joe twelve times and he will be replaced by a new rider. Beat the rider three times, and you will receive the item with no name. With Tifa in your party, leave the Gold Saucer and Tifa will talk about the mysterious item. Show her the item, and the screen will go blank. When vision returns, Tifa will transform into Lara Croft. Mr. Newman reckons her gun can kill any monster first shot. Heh, somehow I don't think so...

8. Tifa Getting Killed
Contributor Vanskiver alleges Tifa can be killed by Sephiroth instead of Aeris. Be mean to Tifa, and when Aeris is about to die, Tifa will appear and push Aeris out of Sephiroth's way. Tifa will be hit instead.

9. Super Sweeper
Adverb suggests the Super Sweeper can be used to repair the Tiny Bronco. Enter Junon with Cid in your party, and talk to the inhabitants three times. Speak to the old man adjacent the beach a few times, and Cid will realise he can use the Super Sweeper to fix the Tiny Bronco. Revisit Rocket Town and Cid will repair the vehicle.

10. Aeris' Spirit
Visitor believes Aeris' spirit can return in the Midgar church. To stand next to Aeris after her death, you must be as nice to her as possible. Obtain the key to Midgar's Sector 5 and Aeris' spirit will appear in the church. Quickly run up to it, and the spirit will disappear to re-emerge adjacent the two children. You can then be next to her. isn't sure if this spirit sighting is involved with a possible resurrection process, but if this rumor is true, it's very likely.

Note: There is a known glitch in FFVII that causes Aeris to be seen in the church after her death. I don't know if this rumor arose from the presence of this glitch, but it's likely. See Ghost in the Church for further information as well as screenshots.

11. Aire Tam Storm reckons Emerald Weapon's Aire Tam Storm attack can be weakened. This is achieved by minimalising the number of materia equipped. Damage to a character is determined by the amount of materia a character is holding, multiplied by 1111. For example, a character equipped with five materia will receive 5555 HP damage.

Note: This rumor is TRUE, as confirmed by numerous sources.

12. Hentai Ending
Even though a hentai ending sounds far-fetched, believes it is possible. Beat Sephiroth fifteen times in different files, and you can watch a hentai sequence between Cloud and Tifa after the credits. Considering the damage Squaresoft will receive over such an ending, I must seriously doubt this rumor.

13. Ruby Weapon Weakness alleges there is a secret weakness to Ruby Weapon. To kill the Weapon easily, simply use fifty five Phoenix Downs on it. Ruby Weapon will die instantly.

14. Seaplane
It's been rumored a seaplane is available as a vehicle. Luminous informs us on a rare occassion, when you're in lower Junon and talking to the elevator guard, he'll ask for your reasons for entering Junon. After the conversation, a battle will shortly ensue and you'll win a key. Proceed to Upper Junon and the underwater reactor. The key will open the reactor's door, allowing you access. Enter the submarine dock, and there will be a door previously non-existant. Inside will be an unnamed item. Retrieve it, and travel to Costa del Sol. Converse with the seaplane owner inside the resort town, and he'll trade his plane for the item. The seaplane can land on any depth of water, and fly like the Highwind. Very interesting...

15. Saving Aeris
In true rumor tradition, there is yet another way of saving Aeris. says to keep Aeris alive, you must have each character, including Yuffie and Vincent, at level 99. Before Aeris dies, Cloud will confront Sephiroth himself and she will live.

16. Highwind / Tiny Bronco suggests the Tiny Bronco can be retrieved in exchange for the Highwind. Have twelve 1/35 Soldiers and a Super Sweeper in Fort Condor's final battle, and talk to the old man within the fort. He will take the items and Highwind for the Tiny Bronco. And yes, the Tiny Bronco will indeed fly, so the rumor says.

17. Killing Priscilla
Yep, another rumor posted by He suggests Priscilla, the little girl in Junon, can be killed in the game. To kill Priscilla, you must not save her after killing the flying boss. When resuscitating Priscilla, breathe as little as possible. As soon as you press square, release immediatelly so she will barely get air. After several resuscitation attempts, Priscilla will die. reckons this will alter the course of the game dramatically. As to what extent the alteration makes is unknown.

18. Limit Break Special
Now, something impossible... rumor contributor alleges if you only use limit breaks to attack enemies, you will see a password at the end of the game allowing you to play as a weapon seller. The game would definitely be interesting if the main character is replaced. However, is anyone willing to sacrifice a month to actually test this rumor out?

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