Advent Chibi Fanart Competition

October 15, 2005

UPDATE (12/18/05) - The contest is over! Check out our Advent Chibi gallery to see all the qualified entries, including the winning pieces!

UPDATE (12/2/05) - The deadline has been extended to December 15th! More information below.

The FFVII Citadel is holding an Advent Children-themed fanart competition! Submit your best AC fanart for a chance to win some rare official merchandise. However, this competition does have one catch:

All the AC characters in your fanart must be chibi!

Now you may be asking: why are we restricting this contest to chibi (or superdeformed) Advent Children characters? The answer is that the main prizes we're giving away include AC keychains that feature the likes of Cloud and Tifa in chibi form! Here's more specifics about the prizes (all of which are official products imported from Japan):

Grand Prize: A full set of five (5) Advent Children swing keychains (Cloud, Tifa, Kadaj, Yazoo, and Loz) and one (1) copy of the book Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - Prologue.

Runner Up: Three (3) Advent Children swing keychains (Cloud, Tifa, and Kadaj).

Now, if you're interested in entering our competition, there are a few simple rules you must follow, which are listed below:

  1. As stated above, all characters featured in entries must be from Advent Children and must be chibi/superdeformed.

  2. Entries can be in just about any medium except for photomanipulation. The only file formats we'll accept are .jpg/jpeg, .gif, and .png. The maximum acceptable image size is 800 x 800 pixels.

  3. All entries must be sent to, and must include the subject "Advent Chibi". When sending your entry, please include your pen name and a personal link (if available). Only one entry will be accepted per artist.

  4. The deadline for all entries is midnight (GMT), December 1st, 2005 midnight (GMT), December 15th, 2005.

  5. Staff members of the FFVII Citadel, the Citadel Forums, and the Citadel deviantART club, as well as webmasters of affiliated sites, may not enter the competition.

  6. Only the original artist of a work should send in an entry. Any entry which is found to be stolen, copied, or otherwise plagarized from another artist/source will be immediately disqualified.

  7. Any entry which doesn't meet these rules will be thrown out without notice.

A couple of final notes: After the competition has ended, all of the qualified entries will be featured in a special "Advent Chibi" gallery in the Citadel's Fanart section. If you do not want your work to included in this gallery for any reason, please say so when you submit your entry. Also, if you have any questions about the competition, please contact me at the address above.

Good luck, and may the best chibi fanartist win!


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