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Here are a collection of banners that you can use to link to us at the Final Fantasy VII Citadel. There is at least one for each (major) character in the game, for those of you who have a favorite that you would like to display on your site. We now also have banners for most of the major characters in Advent Children.

Please use the following code with your selected banner:
<a href=""><img src="(name of banner)" alt="The Final Fantasy VII Citadel"></a>

General Banners

Final Fantasy VII - designed by ChibiTaryn

Cloud Strife  Barret Wallace  Aeris Gainsborough  Tifa Lockheart  Red XIII

Yuffie Kisaragi  Cait Sith  Vincent Valentine  Cid Highwind  Sephiroth

Rufus Shinra  Turks - Tseng  Turks - Reno  Turks - Rude  Turks - Elena

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - designed by ChibiTaryn

Advent Children - Cloud  Advent Children - Aeris  Advent Children - Tifa  Advent Children - Marlene   Advent Children - Barret  Advent Children - Vincent

Advent Children - Red XIII  Advent Children - Cid  Advent Children - Yuffie  Advent Children - Zack  Advent Children - Denzel  Advent Children - Sephiroth

Advent Children - Reno  Advent Children - Rude  Advent Children - Kadaj  Advent Children - Yazoo  Advent Children - Loz

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