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Wednesday, January 31st, 2007
Posted by Reeve at 12:32 AM EST

Happy Birthday, Final Fantasy VII!

Today marks the tenth anniversary of Final Fantasy VII's release in Japan! As you've undoubtedly noticed, the Citadel has started its celebration of this milestone, which will last until our own tenth birthday, which happens next spring. The centerpiece of this celebration is a series of "themes" for the site, one for each month; the first theme is (obviously) Aeris, and our lovely header banner was rendered by longtime Citadel contributor, staffer, and supporter ChibiTaryn. For more on our Tenth Anniversary celebration (and how you can participate!) click here.

In light of this anniversary, I've done some digging and came up with six vintage press releases, all dealing with the U.S. launch of FFVII in September 1997. If you've ever wondered about (or would like to recall) the type of excitement (and marketing) that surrounded this monumental launch, check out the Press Releases subsection of Press Clippings.

The Assorted Tips & Tricks page under Strategy has been updated with new, well, tips and tricks. Cheers to Aquilax for some of the new additions!

Finally, please note that the review system in the Article Archive and Fanfiction sections has been temporarily disabled due to problems with spammers. We apologize for the inconvenience and will keep you all posted on any further developments.


Saturday, January 27th, 2007
Posted by CloudANDTidus at 03:51 PM EST

More 'Ain't Like I Planned'

As promised, I present you with three more chapters for Enkida's epic 'Ain't Like I Planned'. Please remember that these chapters contain language and sexual situations, and therefore should only be read by mature readers.

Check it out by clicking here.


Wednesday, January 17th, 2007
Posted by Reeve at 11:20 PM EST

And Now, Some Disheartening News

A pair of German teenagers recently committed two murders and a kidnapping; fortunately, they gave themselves up to the authorities. Of course, this wouldn't normally be news for a site of this nature, but the two carried out their crimes under the aliases "Sephiroth" and "Reno". In addition, it seems like the German press noted that the boys had Final Fantasy VII installed on their computer.

According to the IGN article about the incident, "In Germany, Final Fantasy VII is now being referred to as a 'Killerspiele'; which translates as 'killer game'." With that said, it's worth noting that Germany has had a long history of video game censorship, one of the latest examples being a law currently being considered for passage that would make it a jailable offense to play certain games.

On behalf of the FFVII Citadel, our hearts go out to the victims in this tragic occurrence. We also find it unfortunate that a game which promotes such positive themes as environmentalism, heroism, and self-confidence could be misinterpreted as a "killer game".

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Monday, January 1st, 2007
Posted by Reeve at 10:46 AM EST

Kingdom Hearts Competition - The Winning Entries!

I'm pleased to announce the winners of the Citadel's mini Kingdom Hearts competition! They are: Empy Claw, for "The Truth of the Nibelheim Incident"; LastCetra, for "Conversation"; and Demonick, for an untitled piece. All three of the winning entries have been posted here.

Congrats to the winners; thanks to our judges Seb, BlueJay, and CloudANDTidus; and thanks to everyone who entered!