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12/05/2015: "New FFVII Remake Trailer Shown at PlayStation Experience"

The second annual PlayStation Experience event is taking place in San Francisco this weekend, and Sony's keynote is underway as I type this. The keynote opened with a trailer for Uncharted 4, but after that, it was FFVII Remake time, with plenty of all-new footage.

The new FFVII Remake trailer includes English-language voice acting and appearances from Cloud, Barret (wearing sunglasses), Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie. Many recognizable scenes and locations from early on in FFVII were present, including the Guard Scorpion and the flowers in Aerith's church. There were some familiar lines in the spoken dialogue as well.

The most startling parts of the trailer are the brief glimpses at the new battle system, which, on the surface at least, bears strong resemblances to those in the Kingdom Hearts series and FFXV.

The trailer ends with "Play it first on PlayStation 4", which seems to confirm it being a timed exclusive. We would be very surprised if this remake doesn't make its way to PC not long after the PS4 release, and it's possible that it will show up on Xbox One and/or Nintendo's next console (codenamed "NX") as well.

If you'd like to discuss this latest trailer in depth, as usual, we invite you to drop by the FFVII Remake Megathread in the Forums.

Updated 3:55 PM (EST) for official trailer link, clarified exclusivity details.
Updated 6:58 PM (EST) for a correction regarding character appearances.

Posted by Reeve at 01:40 PM EST


on Saturday, December 5th, Scripul said

I didn't see Tifa anywhere in that trailer, am I blind? Anyway, damn this looks good! I didn't think we'd see any gameplay until at least spring 2016.

on Saturday, December 5th, Reeve said

Scripul: The person seen at 0:07 seemed to be Tifa, but looking at the gloves' design again, I'm pretty sure now that it's Jessie. Will correct now; thanks for driving me to double-check this ^^;

on Saturday, December 5th, Scripul said

Lol. The hair does look like Tifa's though.

on Monday, December 7th, IT Support said

This looks fantastic, haven't been this excited about a game in years.

I've noticed ALOT of negative feedback on forums etc.. well this looks brilliant to me! :-)