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06/20/2015: "Additional Little Details on the Remake"

Kotaku spoke to Adam Boyes, PlayStation's head of third-party developer relations, about keeping some of this past E3's biggest reveals secret. Apparently, Sony has known about the remake for about a year now.

The remake is described as being a "partnership" with Square Enix, though it's unclear as to whether this entails Sony helping to fund its development. Also, the length of time that the remake will be exclusive to the PS4 will be disclosed sometime before its release, though what other platforms it will appear on have not yet been confirmed.

Source: Kotaku - Keeping the Final Fantasy VII Remake and Shenmue III Secret

Posted by Reeve at 11:27 AM EST


on Sunday, June 21st, Lavion said

I'm crying. I've waited 10 years. I've checked this site so many times. Wow.

on Tuesday, June 23rd, Tyron said

I Love this site!!! Must get it going again now that the remake has finally been announced!!!