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Updates | Update Archive | August 2012 | FFVII PC Now Available for Download, Uses SecuROM

08/04/2012: "FFVII PC Now Available for Download, Uses SecuROM"

Cheers to Motoki on the Cheap Ass Gamer forums for the news that Final Fantasy VII's PC version is now available for sale as a download. Now for the bad news: it costs $11.99 in the United States—two dollars more than on PSN—and it uses the much-despised SecuROM DRM scheme.

There is still no word on whether it will show up on Steam,, or similar downloadable games services. For the time being, the only place to get this version is direct from Square Enix themselves.

Our previous posts about FFVII PC's downloadable rerelease are here and here.

Posted by Reeve at 10:27 PM EST


on Monday, August 6th, Snipes said

Probably not going to get this, I already have 2 in their original cases and one on the Psp.

Unless of course they added some meaningful additional content.

on Tuesday, July 2nd, Alex said

So they think people will buy this with SecuROM attached to it when there have been torrents of this game (with no SecuROM) for years? Yeah, good luck with that. I would buy it if there were no SecuROM crap on it. But I think I'll stick with the Torrent version I got a long time ago.