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Updates | Update Archive | June 2012 | PC Version of FFVII Being Readied for Downloadable Rerelease?

06/20/2012: "PC Version of FFVII Being Readied for Downloadable Rerelease?"

A little less than a year ago, we reported on the presence of both Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII on Steam's servers. Today we have some news that might indicate that Square Enix hasn't given up on these PC ports' rerelease.

Recently, a forum member at another download service, Good Old Games, noticed that Square Enix has registered the domain The site is currently not visible to the public, but a screenshot was taken during the brief time that it was.

Besides character synopses and wallpapers, the screenshot lists three new features for FFVII PC. They are: achievements (36 of them, to be exact); the sure-to-be-controversial "Character Booster", which allows players to improve their stats "all with the simple click of a button"; and support for cloud saves. The price for the game is £7.99 or €9.99; prices in other currencies are not listed.

An official announcement has not been made, but given this leak, I'm guessing it will happen sooner rather than later. As for FFVIII PC, it's still unknown if it will be rereleased as well, but its chances are looking better.

Posted by Reeve at 08:58 PM EST


on Thursday, June 21st, DJ said


I can't wait for it to come true and have a new PC to play through on and on and on..;

on Saturday, June 23rd, Dimma said

I guess this means FFVII is seen as a stronger brand than I thought. And it's the original, cool!

And leaks ^_^ are the best working kind of commercial I guess.

on Wednesday, July 4th, Rangahe said

Forgive my ignorance, but what exactly is supposed to be cloud saves?

on Thursday, July 5th, Reeve said

Your save files can be stored on online servers, instead of or in addition to on your hard drive. That way, if something happens to your machine and your save files are lost, you can still access the ones in "the cloud".

Cloud computing is a bit more complicated than that, but this is basically what it would mean for us end-users.