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Saturday, December 31st, 2005
Posted by Reeve at 12:18 PM EST

Last Update of 2005

Joystiq recently reported on the pricing scheme for the online component of Dirge of Cerberus, at least in Japan. To play DC online, one will need a PS2 hard drive in addition to the network adapter, and must pay a monthly fee of ¥760 for one character, and ¥100 for any additional characters.

In site news, the Fanart section has been updated with some amazing work from our newest artist, Wyna Hiros, as well as new pieces by ChibiTaryn and myself. Also, the Links page has a small update.

A couple of technical notes: If you're a regular visitor to the Citadel, you may have noticed some severe glitches in loading the main page. These problems, which also affected the Forums and our site host (The Blue Shinra Project), have since been resolved. Since then, we've started working on some other, unrelated backend changes to the Citadel, but aside from the site search function being down, none of this work should adversely affect the site in the meantime.

2005 has been an interesting year for Final Fantasy VII. Advent Children was finally completed and released on DVD and UMD in Japan, and Before Crisis continued with new chapters featuring characters such as Red XIII, Cid Highwind, and Cait Sith. Last Order and Kingdom Hearts II (which, like its predecessors, contains cameos from FFVII characters) were also released in Japan, and several cool new collectables hit the market. There were a few major announcements in 2005 (AC's release date, the creation of Last Order, etc.), but one of the biggest stories this year (and, undoubtedly, the most controversial) was the revelation that Japanese music superstar Gackt would be appearing in Dirge of Cerberus.

For 2006, we have the Japanese release of Dirge of Cerberus and the North American one of Kingdom Hearts II to look forward to. Also, although concrete release dates have not yet been announced, the Japanese release of Crisis Core and English-language release of Advent Children may also come about in the new year. Rest assured, we will continue to keep on top of any significant new information as it comes in.

Here's wishing our visitors a happy and healthy New Year!


Sunday, December 18th, 2005
Posted by Reeve at 07:49 PM EST

Advent Chibi Fanart Competition Results

The Citadel's Advent Chibi fanart competition has come to a close, and after a couple rounds of judging, we're pleased to present the winners...



Friday, December 2nd, 2005
Posted by Reeve at 09:48 AM EST

Dirge of Cerberus, Fanart Competition Updates

Thanks to Secluded on the Forums for posting info about the packaging artwork for Dirge of Cerberus (which may or may not be the final version, and can be seen here) as well as the news that the DC soundtrack, due out in February 2006, can now be preordered (here's CDJapan's preorder info for this soundtrack: Regular Edition, Limited Edition).

Also, as we are a few shy of our desired minimum number of entries, the deadline for the FFVII Citadel's Advent Chibi fanart competition has been extended to December 15th. If you somehow missed the original deadline, here's your chance to get your entry in!