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Sunday, October 29th, 2006
Posted by Reeve at 07:50 PM EST

New Pages in Compilation of FFVII Section

Hey all. Apologies for the long time between updates, but as some of the regulars may know, I had some major computer issues to deal with during this past month (that, and there hasn't been much going on lately, news-wise). Fortunately, these issues have since been resolved, and I'm now back to business as usual.

On with the update! First off, we have a new page up that covers "retroactive continuity" in the Compilation of FFVII; this page is a work in progress and viable contributions are welcome, especially in regards to Before Crisis and Crisis Core (by the way, special thanks goes out to the Citadel Forums community for their comments regarding an early draft of this page). Also new today is a translation and alternate translation of the haunting Advent Children song "The Promised Land", complete with notes, by Citadel regular Anguipes Seraph.

A heads-up to all regulars, particularly Citadel forum members: I am back at the Forums, but this time under the name "R. Kasahara" as opposed to "Reeve". Just wanted to point that out so as not to cause any confusion in the future.

And finally, in case there's no updates between now and Tuesday, have a great Halloween, everyone!