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Sunday, August 28th, 2005
Posted by Reeve at 12:00 PM EST

Taking a Break

I'm taking a brief hiatus from the FF7 Citadel, which starts today and will go through at least the first half of September. During that time, absolutely no submissions and/or linking requests will be accepted (in other words, please don't email the Citadel, as I won't be around). I'll be working on some site improvements and new content during this hiatus, and hope to be back as soon as possible. In the meantime, Forum mods Seb and BlueJay have kindly volunteered to update the frontpage with the latest news while I'm gone.

Speaking of the Forums, they're still open for business; however, due to the impending screenings and DVD/UMD release of Advent Children, the rules concerning spoilers and use of spoiler tags have been updated. I strongly encourage both regulars and newbies to read over these rules if they plan on discussing AC over the next few weeks; any violations-- however unintentional-- could result in consequences as severe as a permanent ban from the Forums.

For today's update, the Dirge of Cerberus Characters page has had a couple of small edits made to it (for the official romanizations of a couple characters' names), while the Advent Children FAQ has been fully revised and updated. Also updated are the FFVII Name Origins listing under Game Information, and the Inscription on Jenova's Helmet page under Secrets & Mysteries.

Take care everyone, and see you soon!


Saturday, August 27th, 2005
Posted by Reeve at 05:37 PM EST

More Advent Children News

A third AC commercial-- this time, for the UMD version-- has surfaced in Japan. There are mild SPOILERS in this ad, which can be downloaded here. Thanks once again to Sephiroth OWA for the link!


Thursday, August 25th, 2005
Posted by Reeve at 08:24 AM EST

Advent Children's North American Release Officially Delayed

As expected, Advent Children will not be coming out in the U.S. and Canada on September 14th after all (the Japanese DVD/UMD release is still scheduled for September 13th). According to various sources, this month's issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly contains the information from Sony Pictures that AC will be released in N. America-- on both DVD and UMD-- for the "holiday season", which likely means mid to late November. The DVD release will include a bonus disk with extras such as trailers and behind-the-scenes material-- but not the traditionally-animated OAV Last Order. Of course, once we get a more concrete release date we'll be sure to post it; we'll also keep an eye out for official European and Australian release dates. Thanks to Ludo on the Forums for the tip!

In other AC news, a new Japanese commercial for the film has come about. According to Sephiroth OWA, who posted this info on the Forums, this commercial contains a lot of SPOILERS. The curious may download it here.


Saturday, August 20th, 2005
Posted by Reeve at 08:04 PM EST

New Fanart

For today's (very brief) update, we've posted four pieces by Faye-Faye in the Fanart section. Enjoy!


Friday, August 19th, 2005
Posted by Reeve at 10:19 PM EST

Advent Children Theatrical Screening Updates

Thanks again to memory of ZacK for posting updated information for this year's screening of Advent Children (in its finished form) at the Venice Int'l Film Festival (previously mentioned here). According to this page on the festival's official site, AC will be screened on August 31, with Italian and English subtitles.

Also, more info has recently come about regarding AC's upcoming theatrical screenings in Japan (previously mentioned here). Apparently, these screenings will only be open to members of Square Enix's Shinra fan site. GameSpot has further details.


Thursday, August 18th, 2005
Posted by Reeve at 08:29 PM EST

Dirge of Cerberus Official Site Updated

Thanks to memory of ZacK on the Forums for the tipoff that the official Dirge of Cerberus site has been updated with this year's E3 trailer for the game (note: trailer contains possible SPOILERS). If you'd like to see it, click on the link labeled "PV"; also, be sure to check out the site's "Character" and "System" sections, which have likewise been updated recently.


Wednesday, August 17th, 2005
Posted by Reeve at 08:24 PM EST

Japanese Advent Children Commercial

Thanks to Sephiroth OWA on the Forums for pointing us to a television commercial for Advent Children that's currently airing in Japan, and can be downloaded from this page at FileFront. Be forewarned that it contains new footage (read: SPOILERS).


Sunday, August 7th, 2005
Posted by Reeve at 10:18 AM EST

New Dirge of Cerberus Images

For today's update, I've posted five new images from the upcoming PS2 game Dirge of Cerberus, including a CG illustration of Vincent and a screenshot that shows some of the gameplay. These pics can all be found on the DC Images & Media page.

Also updated today is the page about the pink ribbons in AC, the Inscription on Jenova's Helmet page under Secrets & Mysteries, the Staff listing (again!) under Site Information, and the Links page.


Monday, August 1st, 2005
Posted by Reeve at 08:13 AM EST

Sqaure Enix Party 2005 Details

A lot was shown at this past weekend's Square Enix Party, including new footage from Advent Children, Before Crisis, and Dirge of Cerberus. GameSpot has the details (thanks to memory of ZacK for the link)-- please be aware that there are signifigant SPOILERS in their report.