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Updates | Update Archive | February 2021 | PS5 upgrade, Yuffie DLC, Ever Crisis and The First Soldier announced!

02/26/2021: "PS5 upgrade, Yuffie DLC, Ever Crisis and The First Soldier announced!"

A lot of news to wake up to this morning! First up, Remake is getting a free PS5 upgrade called Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. Intergrade includes improved 4k graphics, 60FPS performance mode, normal (classic) mode, faster load times and photo mode. There is also a new episode featuring Yuffie as the main protagonist, along with a new character called Sonon Kusakabe. The Yuffie episode will be paid DLC and is exclusive to the PS5 version.

Near the end of this trailer you can see both Deepground soldiers and Weiss, suggesting they plan to meld more of the compilation lore into Remake. Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade releases 10th June and you can view some lovely artwork over here.

Next up we have Ever Crisis, a "chapter-structured" mobile game that covers the entire FF7 timeline (including the compilation). The art style seems to be a mix of chibi characters and FF7R assets in battle. I'm personally excited to see the Before Crisis story released in English for the first time. Ever Crisis will be released in 2022.

And then we have something no one predicted... Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is a battle royale for iOS and Android available this year. Weird huh?

In other smaller news, the soundtrack for Remake is out today on Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music.

A new Famitsu interview released alongside these announcements also revealed that Nomura is stepping down from the Director chair for the next part of FF7R. He will be staying on as Creative Director while Naoki Hamaguchi will become Director.

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