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01/02/2020: "Remake demo coming soon?"

It looks like we could have a playable demo of Final Fantasy VII Remake very soon!

Gamstat, a website that tracks the PlayStation Store, caught a glimpse of the demos listing on Christmas Day. This was followed a few days later by leaked videos showing both the opening cinematic and a full play through of the demo.

Since then data miners have started digging through the demoís files and have released images of characters and locations that have yet to be revealed. Please be warned that this post also contains massive spoilers for how Remake differs from the original game.

We still donít know when the demo will be officially released.

Posted by CloudANDTidus at 07:54 AM EST


on Monday, January 13th, Mathew said

2 weeks and no update from Square regarding the release of the demo.
Could be a month out from release or fortnight i think.

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