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Updates | Update Archive | June 2019 | Final Fantasy VII Remake coming 3rd March, 2020

06/10/2019: "Final Fantasy VII Remake coming 3rd March, 2020"

Game director Tetsuya Nomura announced that Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released worldwide on the 3rd March, 2020. The announcement was made last night at a Final Fantasy concert in Los Angeles prior to E3. Along with the announcement a new teaser was released along with new artwork of Sephiroth.

More information is expected tonight at Square Enix's E3 press conference.

Posted by CloudANDTidus at 02:18 PM EST


on Tuesday, June 11th, TEMZ said

I think its time we got this page up and going again!! Incredible news from E3. How many years have we been waiting for this!!

on Tuesday, June 11th, Niro said

Tifa revealed! She looks AMAZING!!! Holy crap, this is actually coming together guys!

on Wednesday, June 12th, Sesho777 said

holy sh*t! i've been waiting 23 years for this!

i think it's time for you guys to REMAKE ;) the site