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12/06/2015: "The FFVII Remake Will Be Episodic"

Here's one more bit of news from PlayStation Experience 2015: according to IGN, Square Enix has said that the FFVII Remake will be "told across a multi-part series, with each entry providing its own unique experience."

This seems to confirm an episodic structure for the remake, perhaps like Telltale's adventure games and Square Enix's own Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, and, most recently, the sleeper hit Life is Strange. This is an unexpected development, but considering how expensive an FFVII remake would be to make all at once—and also how well FFVII's story lends itself to an episodic structure—it is also a shrewdly sensible one.

We will keep you all posted with more details as we get them.

Posted by Reeve at 09:34 PM EST


on Wednesday, December 9th, Scripul said

People seem pretty angry over this. I'm fine with it. Keep in mind, there's still so much unknown right now.

on Thursday, January 14th, IT Support said

Therein lies the problem - everyone is jumping the gun when there is barely any info released.

on Saturday, January 23rd, Rakka said

I hope the episodic nature of the game will translate into making it develop entirely as the original's Midgar section, in which every area is presented in an unbroken scale and one plot-relevant set piece follows immediately from the previous one.