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Updates | Update Archive | July 2015 | "Dramatic Changes" to Battle System Planned for FFVII Remake

07/30/2015: ""Dramatic Changes" to Battle System Planned for FFVII Remake"

Today, GamesRadar reported on an interview with Tetsuya Nomura in Official PlayStation Magazine which included a few tidbits about the remake. For one thing, Nomura says to expect "dramatic changes" to the battle system, though it will still be "recognizable".

It's unclear as to whether this means the remake will have an action RPG-styled system, or will remain turn-based. However, it's worth noting that Nomura has had great success with the action RPG systems in the Kingdom Hearts games, and also that the main Final Fantasy series has been shying away from turn-based gameplay for years now.

Another excerpt from the interview mentioned Advent Children. Nomura and his team will be referring to the ten-year-old (!!!) movie for inspiration, but do not plan on recycling the movie's 3D models due to the tech used and their age.

Posted by Reeve at 05:17 PM EST


on Friday, July 31st, Bossanova said

I think its safe to assume Versus XIII's old battle system?

I'm cool with that however the visual influence of advent children..? I hope the color schemes wont turn out to be so monotone.

The trailer visuals where spot on imo.

on Monday, August 3rd, Nick said

I would like them to keep it the same as it is in the classic or at least have that option.

on Wednesday, August 5th, spencer cannon said

I agree. Keep advent children out of your influence. How about jus focus on the game that influenced advent children. I like the classic " I'm gonna chop your dick off Don" cloud better