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06/15/2015: "Final Fantasy VII Remake in the Works - Not a Rumor!"

Looks like Sony and Square Enix are going to be keeping us busy here at the Citadel for the next year or so: the long-rumored remake of Final Fantasy VII is happening, and will initially be exclusive to PS4. Announced just moments ago at Sony's E3 press conference, the short teaser trailer featured glimpses of Midgar (including "South Edge" as a train stop… hmm…) and familiar touches such as Barret's gun-arm and Cloud's Buster Sword.

Of course, we will keep you all posted on the latest details. In the meantime, come discuss this planet-shattering news in the forums!

Posted by Reeve at 09:52 PM EST


on Monday, June 15th, Yuronova said

I am in tears... It's finally happening.

on Monday, June 15th, Bossanova said

I was hearing rumors about this all day.

I can't believe it.. This is it FF7 remake. I'm tearing up.

There are no words

on Monday, June 15th, Cottonbaler said

I dont know what's more amazing; today's announcement or the fact you guys are still around!

on Monday, June 15th, David said

More than anything I'm just happy to have reason to frequently visit FF7 Citadel again. Let the good times roll!

on Monday, June 15th, just me said

I'm sooooooooo crazy excited about this! of course I've still been playing the original, but this, this is second Christmas joy!!!

on Tuesday, June 16th, Reeve said

Cottonbaler: Don't worry, as long as I'm around, the Citadel will be too :) Even when the VR remake gets announced in another 18 years...

on Tuesday, June 16th, Mathew said

Been a visitor of this site for a long time. Honestly, love this place. I always visit despite it being updated. Now this website can get a new jump start. Why not start revamping a HD version for the site for the new upcoming FF7 remake?

on Tuesday, June 16th, Reeve said

Mathew: I left the Webmaster position back in 2008, but a site revamp has been a project of the current Webmaster's for some time now. I bug him about it every now and again, but it keeps getting delayed for whatever reason. Hope he finishes it soon, especially given today's news ;)

on Tuesday, June 16th, Daemon said

To the owner/admin of this site. I am glad that you kept this website running over the years. It's nice to connect with a site that has been around since the early years of FF7. Cheers to the FF7 remake! It is finally happening!

on Tuesday, June 16th, Zantetsu said

My hopes on the remake never died, it's been 10 years since I've been looking in this site during FF7 AC, time for this site to rise again

on Tuesday, June 16th, Zantetsu said

Sorry, I forgot to mention, I really like your site for having a lot of in-depth analysis on the original game's secrets and mysteries, now more mysteries to come for the upcoming remake, by the way, the Special announcement of the remake what brought me here. More power to Final Fantasy 7 Citadel

on Tuesday, June 16th, yougtrunks said

We all waited sooo long and played this game hundreds of times. Now the the time has come!! cant freakin wait!!

on Tuesday, June 16th, Clidus said

@Mathew Full site revamp is coming, and sooner than this remake ;)

on Tuesday, June 16th, Inb0 said

after so many's finally here!!!! i wonder how powerful the aerith scene will be after all these years?

on Tuesday, June 16th, m0elstr0m said

OMG it's happening. Hope Square-enix doesn't screw this one with gay characters or shitty plot extensions. Considering Square-Enix history as of lately there's a good chance they will.
Hail Citadel!

on Tuesday, June 16th, It solutions dublin said

Holy smokes can't believe their remaking this on next generation systems .. Pinches self

on Tuesday, June 16th, Mathew said

That is awesome to learn. Looking forward to it.

Well done for keeping this site up.

on Sunday, June 21st, Managed IT Services said

Can't believe this site is 17 years old ... Feels like only yesterday when visiting it for the first time.

on Monday, July 27th, counsellor said

Wow 17 years and still the best site around. cant wait for Final Fantasy