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Updates | Update Archive | February 2010 | Why a PS3 FFVII Remake Would Be a Difficult Project

02/06/2010: "Why a PS3 FFVII Remake Would Be a Difficult Project"

Yoshinori Kitase recently stated, in an interview with Ultimania magazine, in regards to the lack of a PS3 remake of FFVII: "It is very hard to make games on PlayStation 3 in the same style as the games in that era had. Making graphics will take enormous time."

This was also given as the explanation why the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII lacks towns, as well as certain other elements from older games in the series. As the game's director, Motomu Toriyama, explains, "Considering the amount of work to make graphics that deserve HD, it is hard to make towns in the conventional style. In the limited period of development time, to convey the great story that deserves the name of Final Fantasy, and to convey the battles that entertain players enough, we condensed each element."

Considering the sheer number of and amount of detail within FFVII's background files, I can see why Kitase would be concerned. FFVII is a visually rich game and was in development for several years; a remake could take a very long time to complete. Any extra development time also means a huge budget, and considering that remakes never sell as well as or better than the originals on which they're based, it wouldn't make much sense from a business perspective either.

Source: Spong - HD Kills Final Fantasy PS3 Remake

Posted by Reeve at 12:37 PM EST


on Saturday, February 6th, MrSparkle07 said

Why the hell do I not hear other developers use excuses like this? If they started development around the time of the tech demo, they'd be pretty far a long by now. And he is well aware this would sell like crazy. What a cop out.

on Saturday, February 6th, MolotovWarfare said

Completely and utterly agree with MrSparkle07, get on with it Square Enix you know you want to;)

on Saturday, February 6th, lordlame said

Square are holding onto the FF7 remake when their shit hits the fan - FACT.

It's their ultimate 'Get out of Jail Card' if times get bad.

on Sunday, February 7th, xAlmasyx said

What you guys don't realise is the cost and time it takes to create a game. Considering the amount of work that went into FFVII, it will take them a lot longer to remake the game to apply to today's standards.
And think about it, by the time they finish the remake the graphics quality we have right now will most likely be inadequate to the future's graphics quality.

They have to think of it in a business perspective way more than thinking about what the fans want because a remake of this calibre could lose them a lot of money that could be used in developing original games.

on Sunday, February 7th, Nemesis said

By personal experience, I can only agree with xAlmasyx. A game like FFVII: Remake would take a LOT of time to create, and it would cost a lot too, in developing and hiring staff.

on Sunday, February 7th, faevii said

They have to think of it in a business perspective way more than thinking about what the fans want because a remake of this calibre could lose them a lot of money that could be used in developing original games.

And that's exactly why there haven't been any good games in ages. :( Aside from Lost Odyssey, maybe. Let us dream!

on Sunday, February 7th, faevii said

Sorry, I didn't know that my italics wouldn't show up. That first paragraph was supposed to be a quote.

on Sunday, February 7th, teesa said

So there are no towns in FF13 like in past games? That seems so...NOT Final Fantasy...

on Sunday, February 7th, Melfra said

I never thought about it this way, but next gen... really sucks. The standards are so high, and really, you can't get away with a solid 2D background anymore. Every environment has to be realistic- that's just what current standards dictate; but they have to spend all their time rendering even crap that most people might not see, and that's just a money sink no matter how you look at it.

Okay, now I hate the PS3 =\

on Sunday, February 7th, Ainsley said

You know, as amazing as a PS3 remake would be... I don't want them to do it.
All that does is mean that more people won't experience the original, and as time goes on everyone will forget about it.
I mean, I would buy it and play it; but it would never top my old copy c:

on Monday, February 8th, sal said

Ha. I agree with you completely. I don't want to be sitting there clutching my copy of the original FFVII while stupid kids are babbling about the remake having never heard of the original. :I

on Monday, February 8th, Nemesis said

"Ha. I agree with you completely. I don't want to be sitting there clutching my copy of the original FFVII while stupid kids are babbling about the remake having never heard of the original. :I"


on Wednesday, February 17th, Skyyfox said

I actually don't want them to make a new one. The original version is just fine, unless your a person who cares about graphics. As for the new FF not having towns and such, sounds like they are being lazy. Whats a good story with no great locations?

on Sunday, February 21st, Naito said

Personally I'd like to reconsider on my opinion. At first I didn't want them to make a remake of FFVII. But then when it came down to the idea that FF has been going downhill since FFX-2...( personally I didn't like IX but I digress), they should put efforet into it. So what if the graphics wont come into comparison in the future...has that ever stopped FF fans from picking up an FF Game? It's all about the storyline and gameplay. And in any case PS3's bluray has plenty of space to just add the original version in the disc as well. I say that they shouldn't waste their time on making new Final Fantasy games and remake some of the classics ( so long as they have the original copy molded into the game.) So what if there are annoying kids out there bragging about a remake when it ever comes wouldn't be the first time and Im sure that every gamer has been through the trials of stupid babbling kids. He should understand that by now there are still thousands of die hard Final Fantasy 7 fans out there...they are going to buy the remake no matter how crappy the game turns out to be compared to the original. And if the die hard fans are disappointed ...they shouldn't be because they would still own an original copy. But then again this is just me ranting on about them actually making an attempt because FFVII was the first RPG that I was hooked on. ( sorry to any Zelda fans I may have disappointed...this is an FF site )

on Monday, March 1st, Nemesis said

Let's see how this turns out... But right now we all know Square is occupied with FFXIII and some more games... C'mon Square, give us at least Chrono Break!! =(

on Monday, March 1st, just me said

Lacks towns?? I hate that! I love exploring the FF world and taking away towns just seems upsetting.

on Tuesday, March 2nd, Nemesis said

Yeah, "just me", it's sad news. I guess they're taking more a Dungeon Crawler, like Vagrant Story. But indeed, FF without towns just seems... empty.

on Wednesday, March 3rd, Reeve said

Nemesis: The town thing aside, being a fan of dungeon crawlers, and having seen one of the area maps for FFXIII, I can tell you that it is no dungeon crawler.

on Wednesday, March 3rd, Nemesis said

That's what I read in a review here in a magazine, I don't know more because I haven't play the game yet. But it seems more like a dungeon crawler than a RPG to me...

on Thursday, March 4th, Reeve said

*nods* Well, part of the appeal of dungeon crawlers is exploring complex, sometimes labyrinthine, dungeons. If the FFXIII map I saw is representative of the entire game, then... it doesn't have that. It was almost like a big version of a certain FFX area, actually.

(Also, it's worth noting that dungeon crawlers typically have one major town, which serves as a hub and helps move the story along in places. Some dungeon crawlers have several towns.)

on Thursday, March 4th, Nemesis said

I guess we'll just have to wait until it gets out to check its style..

on Friday, March 12th, Rob said

Surely if they can't make a PS3 remake because the graphics are too advanced, then they can make it for the Wii instead? People are always slagging it off for having graphics not as good as the PS3 and Xbox 360, so they could use this to their advantage. They wouldn't have to use motion controls per se, just use the pointer to select options from the menus and the nunchuk to move. Besides, a Final Fantasy game with no towns just isn't a Final Fantasy game.

on Monday, March 15th, Nemesis said

Final Fantasy to Nintendo? That would be a catastrophe in videogames industry! :S

Rob, you do have a point, but I can't imagine that happening...

on Tuesday, March 23rd, GabrielMendes said

I may noy be an expert on making a game, but why would it be harder to make a remake then a FFXV for example? They already have the story which is the one that takes more time to do/think, i mean, common just do it

on Tuesday, March 23rd, Nemesis said

I'm no expert too, but the budget to make for example the FFV remake are lower than to make a FFVII remake. Imagine all the staff hey have to hire (Square already said they need 400+ workers), all the time to create those towns, maps and characters to detail... Even FFXII doesn't have towns and it took a lot of time, imagine FFVII remake. O_O

on Friday, April 2nd, archfiend23 said

well im a die hard ff7 fan and i know i would love to see a remake done. same story just better graphics. ff7 is the best game ever so i say to hell with it and remake it. fuck any ff after ff10 cuz they really started goin downhill and really sucked. i say ff7would bring them up bigtime

on Monday, April 19th, Jonnycbad said

Have any of you ever played Fallout3 or Oblivion? Those games had worlds which were hundreds of times more massive than the FF7 world, with extremely high detail(more than a FF7 remake would have, because you could interact with almost 90% of the environment and NPCs). FF7 could be done easily. To be honest I don't want Advent Children graphics, I like when Cloud's hair looked anime. Ideally FF7 remake should have the same graphics as Kingdom Hearts/Crisis Core. So Ps2/PSP graphics are best to retain that anime look.

on Friday, May 7th, Vlad Harlock said

I don't pretend to know the cost or effort to create a remake but I would buy a system just to play the game. Not to mention it's been 13 years since the original, there is a whole new group of gamers that would buy it. Not to mention us old guys.

on Thursday, May 13th, Alanna said

I would love for there to be a remake of Final Fantasy VII. If it's a remake how will the story suffer at all? I would love to see Cloud and the rest in the same graphics as Advent Children, they all look super freaking cool. I think the "no towns" thing is just an excuse. I also agree that keeping FFVII remake in the back pocket is a good strategic move. I loved the original, still do. I bought it for the PSP so I could take it everywhere with me. Remaking the game will not take away the nostalgia of playing the original. Also, if the developers who made the first Tomb Raider can do a remake, why can't Square Enix? People will by it and they will make some seriously huge profits.

on Monday, August 16th, AJ said

you know what its all very well stating the obvious that games cost alot of money to create that's a given but they also make alot of money to.

Aot of companies have successfully remade games and made alot of money from doing so.

I'm talking about remakes of the Monkey Island series which is in HD, Sonic 4 returning to the old style graphics, New Super Mario Bros on the Wii, the original Resident Evil remake, The new mega man series 9-10, Earthworm jim, the list goes on and on, yeah FFVII is a big game to remake but no bigger then some of the current new gen games out there.

For me this series of gaming went to hell right after FFX once it became suqare-enix the great gaming experiences ended imo.

on Thursday, September 2nd, Wein said

"For me this series of gaming went to hell right after FFX once it became suqare-enix the great gaming experiences ended imo."

Yeah what happened, squaresoft was amazing, enix was pretty good. Combined they just suck really hard and games don't feel the same.