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10/09/2008: "Tokyo Game Show 2008: LittleBigPlanet's Sephiroth Sackboy"

Media Molecule recently revealed two custom Sackboys they created for their upcoming PS3 exclusive LittleBigPlanet: Solid Snake, specifically "Old Snake" from Metal Gear Solid 4, and FFVII's Sephiroth. As of this writing, it's unknown if and when these Sackboys will be made available; currently, outfits to create Sackperson versions of Heavenly Sword's Nariko and God of War's Kratos can be obtained by preordering the game at specific retailers.

As for how the Sephiroth Sackboy came about, Media Molecule's Alex Evans says: "It all started with the Helghast thing. It was really funny because we were aware of a lot of possibilities of who we could work with. I remember the first time that Final Fantasy was mentioned, and there was a bet over whether it would be happened since it’s such a precious franchise." Later, he added: "(Final Fantasy is) a whole universe, and they’ve built up this ethos. And we’re honored to be let into that universe."

Source: PlayStation.Blog (via Game|Life)

ETA: Here's some shaky-cam video footage of the Sephiroth and Snake Sackboys.

Posted by Reeve at 10:48 AM EST


on Thursday, October 9th, CloudANDTidus said

I want that as a plushy!

on Sunday, October 12th, Leslie Brant said

It's so cute! <3