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06/17/2008: "Unused text in Final Fantasy VII"

An interesting find, bloggers Robert Seddon & Glitterberri have spent the last five months translating unused text found inside Final Fantasy VII International. The site offers a detailed account of what could have been with commentary throughout, and is well worth a read by any hardcore Final Fantasy VII fan (remember to read the posts in reverse order). The same site also has a good piece on lost scenes found in the debug room which is worth a look.

The blogger tags his translation posts under the name 'Hot Blooded Detective Joe'. It's an apt name for their investigation, even if no new information is unearthed on this mysterious character.

Posted by CloudANDTidus at 10:52 AM EST


on Tuesday, June 17th, Robert Seddon said

Cheers for the publicity.

I just thought I'd note that any comments for the translator's attention should be posted on the version at GlitterBerri's blog, since she did all the translation work; any queries about the digging-through-files aspect are better directed at me.

on Tuesday, June 17th, GlitterBerri said

Thanks from me as well, it's nice to get a mentioned from a site as excellent as the FF7 Citadel! Translations of some of VanishedOne's lost scenes of the debug room are also available here:

Something else that might interest the FF7 Citadel is the FF7Voice project (a voice-over dub of Final Fantasy VII) here:
You can listen to unpolished MP3 demos of casted characters here:
The final version will have professional-quality sound.

on Tuesday, June 17th, Reeve said

This set of posts is really fascinating - great job, you two!

(Oh, and Clidus, you mean "apt", not "adapt", right? ^^)

on Tuesday, June 17th, CloudANDTidus said

The ironic part is I wrote apt and Spellchecker changed it. >_>