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04/01/2008: "This Month's Theme, the Letters in Tifa's Room, More Staff Shuffling"

For April, our theme is dedicated to the almighty Shinra Electric Power Company, represented here by that loyal, upstanding employee, the Shinra Manager. Thanks goes out to Probablee for this month's banner art! As usual, all of our previous themes can be found on the Tenth Anniversary page.

Not much for today's site update, save for an entirely new addition to Secrets & Mysteries: a page covering the three letters that can be found in Tifa's room.

Finally, we'd like to formally announce that Jako Hunter has recently joined the staff as our latest Final Fantasy Discussion and Compilation Forum Moderator, taking over from the recently-promoted Ex-SOLDIER. Welcome aboard, Jako!

Posted by Reeve at 12:07 AM EST


on Tuesday, April 1st, southerndaisy said

Shinra kind of gives you the creeps,doesn't it? But to represent the company I would rather pick Rufus: more stylish,more evil...more Shinra! :)

on Tuesday, April 1st, midnightsunpm said

Wasn't the manager the one Barret smacked when they were on the train and he refused to move? I agree with Southerndaisy, Rufus just screams Shinra. But the banner is very good!

on Wednesday, April 2nd, southerndaisy said

Thanks Midnightsunpm but when I finished posting I figured "Maybe Rufus will feature a theme of his own". He sure deserves it,it's amazing how you can love him and disgustingly hate him at the same time...