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05/17/2005: "E3 Report: FFVII, Before Crisis, Crisis Core"

Recently, Sony unveiled the super-slick PlayStation 3, and Square Enix held their pre-show press conference. Here are some interesting details from both:

For the PlayStation 3's technical demo, a newly-animated version of Final Fantasy VII's opening movie was shown. Unfortunately, this doesn't mean a remake is in the works, as the demo was just that-- a demo. You can download this clip via this page on GameSpot (scroll to the bottom). For a couple of screenshots of the demo, as well as pictures of the PS3 itself, check out this story on (Special thanks to Uncle Elmo and Cyrus Dogstar)

Next, a bit of exciting news-- Before Crisis is heading to the United States! Specific release information was not revealed, but the game will be available to mobile gamers in the States sometime in 2006. Could a European release not be far behind? (Source: GameSpot)

Finally, GameSpot (getting sick of this yet? ^_~) has posted their first impressions of Crisis Core, for which a concept trailer was recently shown. Interestingly, this game seems to feature Zack as the main character, and also apparently includes a remake of the "five years ago" bit from the original FFVII.

Posted by Reeve at 08:22 AM EST