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Thursday, December 31st, 2020
Posted by CloudANDTidus at 08:51 AM EST

Sephiroth joins Smash Bros. Ultimate

Announced at The Game Awards, Sephiroth was added to Smash Bros. Ultimate's Fighters Pass 2 and became widely available on December 22nd. Before this he was available to players who defeated the "Sephiroth Challenge". Joining Cloud, Sephiroth adds a second Final Fantasy VII stage to the game, based on the Northern Cave, and brings a host of new music tracks.

The new music includes original remixes, as well as tracks from Advent Children.
- Bombing Mission
- Those Who Fight (AC Version)
- Those Who Fight Further (AC Version)
- Main Theme
- Cosmo Canyon
- One-Winged Angel
- Victory!
- Aerith's Theme

Fans have also noticed that the trailer itself makes a lot of references to Advent Children and the Omnislash Ver. 5 limit break was added to Cloud if you play using any even-numbered costume. And of course, there are new Kirby memes.

In other Final Fantasy VII news, the Remake won "Best Score and Music" and "Best Role Playing" at the The Game Awards. News on the second episode of the Remake has been pretty quiet, however @aitaikimochi on Twitter has recently noted that Aerith's mocap actress did a 4 hour shoot with Sephiroth's mocap actor just before the holiday break.

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