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Tuesday, November 30th, 2010
Posted by Reeve at 01:16 PM EST

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Announced

A Final Fantasy trading card game has been revealed today, along with an official site. An apparent collaboration between Square Enix and Hobby Japan, there's no details yet on the game's official rules, but a handful of characters have been revealed so far (including the Dissidia versions of Cloud and Sephiroth), and others have been teased (such as Aeris). Summon monsters are also expected to appear, and in general the cards will have "large artwork" designed to appeal to collectors.

The FF TCG will go on sale in Japan on February 25, 2011. There's no information at this time about an English-language release.

Sources: Andriasang - Final Fantasy Becomes a Trading Card Game and Have a Look at Final Fantasy's Trading Cards