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Thursday, June 23rd, 2011
Posted by Reeve at 12:59 PM EST

Final Fantasy VII is Hidden Away on Steam's Servers

Final Fantasy VII has been on the PlayStation Network Store for some time now, but what about Valve's own Steam? The PC version of FFVII has been out of print for several years, and especially now that Eidos (the port's publisher) is a part of Square Enix, it would seem a natural candidate to join the company's offerings on Steam. However, FFVII PC is also notoriously buggy, and getting it to run properly in current versions of Windows can require a bit of hoop-jumping, so its absence from the service is understandable.

However, as it turns out, FFVII PC is on Steam, and so is the (less buggy) PC port of Final Fantasy VIII, which has been similarly absent—they just aren't available to purchase. Using the Steam Registry Toolkit, RPG Site has found evidence that these games are on Valve's servers. If you want to see the proof for yourself, instructions for replicating their findings are included in their post (linked below).

In addition, a source of theirs claims that the files for the games have been edited for compatibility with current versions of Windows, and that a fan-made patch was appropriated in the case of FFVIII PC. Further information/confirmation about these particular claims has yet to surface.

Will these two games ever show up publicly on Steam? Chances of this happening are still slim, but at least look a little better than they have in the past.

Source: RPG Site - Final Fantasy VII and VIII are on Steam - but will likely never see release