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Saturday, February 1st, 2020
Posted by CloudANDTidus at 08:56 AM EST

New trailer, theme song by Uematsu and Orchestra World Tour

A new trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake has been released on the 23rd anniversary of the original game. The trailer features a whole host of characters and locations we've not seen before, including Palmer, Scarlet, Hojo, Red XIII, Cloud and Tifa as kids and the infamous cross-dressing scene, which has been greatly modernised over how it appeared in the original.

The trailer also features the new theme song, "Hollow", composed by Nobuo Uematsu with vocals from Yosh (from Japanese Rock band, Survive Said The Prophet). Nobuo's involvement will excite fans who feared he may not work on the Remake project due to recent illness. It was also revealed that Masashi Hamauzu (One-Winged Angel chorus, Final Fantasy X and XIII trilogy) and Mitsuto Suzuki (Final Fantasy XIII trilogy) would be working on the game's soundtrack.

Finally, Square Enix announced dates for an Orchestra World Tour for Final Fantasy VII Remake, that will be conducted by Arnie Roth, known for his work on Distant Worlds.

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