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Updates | Update Archive | March 2021 | No more DLC expected for Remake, Ever Crisis is a gacha game

03/20/2021: "No more DLC expected for Remake, Ever Crisis is a gacha game"

@aitaikimochi has translated a new Famitsu interview with Nomura talking about Intergrade, First Soldier and Ever Crisis. Check out her full translations over on Twitter, but here are the highlights.

When discussing Intergrade's Yuffie DLC, Nomura says that while you will only be able to control Yuffie, you will be able to switch between modes where Sonon can act on his own, and another where you give him specific orders. This will likely be used for when you want to do co-op moves such as the one shown in the trailer. Nomura also says that they have no plans for any other DLC, at least until the main story has been completed.

Regarding The First Soldier, the Battle Royal game, Nomura is hoping the game will appeal to players that haven't played Final Fantasy before. He doesn't want to release a lukewarm title, so they are putting their all into the game. Producer Ichikawa is actually a hardcore Battle Royale player apparently. The game will incorporate a job system called "styles" and they are working to ensure the visuals on smartphones do not disappoint.

Finally when discussing Ever Crisis, Nomura revealed that all chapters will be free to play. Instead it will be a gacha game (loot boxes), where you can get special weapons and new costumes. The original Final Fantasy VII is expected to be covered over ten chapters, with three chapters covering the escape from Midgar. There will also be original chapters (such as one covering the story of First Soldier) and there will be special dungeons and battles that take place outside the Compilation where you can build your dream party. The trailer hinted at this, showing Aerith fighting the Scorpion Sentinel.

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