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Updates | Update Archive | March 2020 | Nomura interview and new footage of FFVII Remake

03/08/2020: "Nomura interview and new footage of FFVII Remake"

Following the release of the demo on Monday, Famitsu and 4Gamer have published interviews with Tetsuya Nomura, which have been translated by DualShockers. Part of the interview focuses on the contentious subject of the Remake being multiple games. According to Nomura, the game is "highly dense", but focuses on quality rather than quantity. On the PS4 it will come on 2 Blu-ray discs.

“I know many are worried since the Remake project is in multiple games, and the first game only depicts Midgar. Don’t worry. It’s a highly dense game, and it doesn’t end after a few hours like the Midgar part in the original. There are many new events in the main story. Like a scene where you end up visiting Jessie’s parents, eating dinner. Each member of Avalanche is much more detailed compared to the original game, with new events to boot. By the time players leave Midgar, I’m sure they’ll be satisfied.”

“We made the sidequest content to be as big as the main story. At the beginning, the development team readied even more content, but we wouldn’t have been able to do everything without cutting corners, so we prioritized quality. We wouldn’t have been able to finish the game otherwise. Despite that, the game is quite big, there are many places you can visit, and you can even move around using vehicles at some points.”

Regarding the voice dialogue in battle, Nomura thinks they might have overdid it. "We heavily focused on the game’s atmosphere and immersion during battles. Maybe we overdid it when it comes to dialogue during battles (laughs). Recording everything was pretty difficult. At peak period we had up to 9 recording sessions a week, dividing them between two or three different studios. It might be the game with the most voiced lines I’ve worked on. Overall, in over 20 years of game development, Final Fantasy VII Remake was probably the most grueling project I worked on (laughs)"

You can read the full interview over on DualShockers, where Nomura discusses the Japanese voice actors, character design and art style, and the scene where you infiltrate Shinra HQ by climbing the stairs.

Prior to the demos release several media outlets were also able to preview later sections of the game including the streets of Midgar following the explosion, AirBuster and Abzu boss battles and the Sector 5 mako reactor (and yes, the button timing mini-game is back and apparently hilarious). You can see some of this footage in these videos from PlayStation Access, PlayStation Japan and IGN.

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