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Updates | Update Archive | September 2019 | TGS demo video, Summons, Classic Mode and more

09/15/2019: "TGS demo video, Summons, Classic Mode and more"

Final Fantasy VII Remake has been at the Tokyo Game Show this week with a playable demo of the game's intro sequence. Full playthroughs of this demo have been released, such as this one from PlayStation Access.

During a TGS stage show it was revealed the game would have a "Classic Mode". Normally the ATB gauge will fill while the player is repeatedly attacking enemies. Once filled you can pause the fight to make tactical decisions using the command menu, such as using magic, abilities and items. According to the official Twitter account in Classic Mode the action combat happens automatically, allowing the player to focus on selecting commands when the ATB gauge is filled.

In another part of the demo summoning Ifrit was shown. Summons enter the battle and are controlled by AI, but the player can spend the ATB gauge to use powerful attacks such as Flare Burst and Crimson Dive.

A collection of new images and pictures from TGS can be viewed over here, including our first sighting of the main menu, which looks very similar to Final Fantasy XV. To celebrate the 22nd anniversary of the release of Final Fantasy VII in North America this month, Square have also remade one of the games most iconic pieces of artwork.

UPDATE: Here’s the boss fight with Aps, featuring Cloud, Tifa, Aerith and Ifrit shown at TGS.

Posted by CloudANDTidus at 09:51 AM EST


on Monday, September 23rd, Yuzoboy said

The classic mode should now slowdown the animations while selections are made, but leave them animate in an idle state with all actions stopped. It would be closer to the original

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