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Updates | Update Archive | May 2019 | Audio bug fixed in Switch and Xbox One ports

05/18/2019: "Audio bug fixed in Switch and Xbox One ports"

On Friday patch 1.01 was released for Final Fantasy VII on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, fixing a long running audio bug. While not game breaking, the bug caused the overworld music to restart after every encounter. This meant you never heard anything beyond the first few seconds of many iconic songs, including the main theme on the world map, unless you stood completely still.

Other minor bugs were fixed in the patch, including one where a black screen would appear when transitioning between cutscenes and gameplay.

The music bug was introduced to the game in the 2015 iOS version, which was subsequently released on Android and PS4 (the 2012 PC version does not seem to have this issue). None of these versions have been patched, which makes the fix for Switch and Xbox One even more surprising after all these years.

The exact same bug also exists in all ports of Final Fantasy IX.

Posted by CloudANDTidus at 09:20 AM EST


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