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Updates | Update Archive | May 2017 | Final Fantasy VII Remake not coming soon

05/29/2017: "Final Fantasy VII Remake not coming soon"

If you were hoping Final Fantasy VII Remake would be coming out soon, I’m sad to say you will be disappointed. At the companies financial briefing Square Enix President Yosuke Matsuda revealed that both Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Hearts 3 are currently slated for release in “fiscal year 2018 and beyond”.

It has also been revealed that Square Enix is “urgently recruiting” for Final Fantasy VII’s internal development team. It was originally reported back in 2015 that Square would be outsourcing much of the game’s production to external company CyberConnect2, however it seems that plan has recently changed.

Naoki Hamaguchi, who previously worked on Mobius Final Fantasy, has reportedly taken a new role on the Final Fantasy VII project. He attributes the move to internal development to “improving quality” and maintaining a “stable schedule”. You can read the full translation on Nova Crystallis.

Posted by CloudANDTidus at 10:07 AM EST


on Wednesday, May 31st, Scripul said

I'm actually glad they moved it in house -- which I personally thought it should have been from the beginning -- but I'm still feeling anxiety over this whole thing. Hopefully something will be shown at E3...

on Tuesday, June 6th, Bruno de Mattos said

My faith in the project has diminished now that Squeenix has moved it inhouse. Much more likely to face delays spanning this entire decade now.

on Tuesday, June 20th, IT Support and IT Solutions said

Release eta: Somewhere in the 22nd century :)

on Wednesday, August 30th, IT Support and IT Solutions said

Release eta: Somewhere in the 22nd century :)

on Saturday, January 13th, Jaeger said

I have a feeling FF7 R will be a ps5 title.

on Sunday, December 2nd, Sesho said

I've been visiting this site since 2002... and i've been waiting for a sequel (an official/cannon sequel) or a remake sice 1998... i think that may not be the case in my life span :/

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