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03/20/2017: "An Announcement"

I have some news: as of today, I am leaving the staff here at the Citadel. CloudANDTidus will take over news and hosting duties full-time, and there will be one Admin short on the Forums from now on as well. This site means a lot to me, but it is time for me to move on, mainly for some of the same reasons I posted when I shut down back in February.

CloudANDTidus will keep you all posted on the server/hosting switchover, as well as other changes he has planned. In the meantime, if you'd like to keep in touch, my contact info, social media and gaming accounts, etc. are listed here.

Well, everyone... take care of yourselves!

Posted by Reeve at 01:50 PM EST


on Tuesday, April 11th, Rydia said

I just want to say that I've been a fan of your site since at least 2003. Great articles and theories, takes me back to a simpler time. Thank you so much for everything!

on Saturday, April 15th, KINGazzhole said

I have to repeat what rydia said.

I remember this site in 2002-03 and then BOOm the Compilation happened.

I've frequently checked in on this site ever since. Dude 10-13 years. Crazy, you were, are, and will be awesome whenever possible Reeve.

Thanks for this site.

on Monday, May 1st, Cloud Strife said

This saddens me and breaks my heart you are closing both places down. I understand the reasoning behind it. Godspeed Reeve and thank you for everything!

on Monday, June 5th, Ryan said

Same here, quietly been checking here for the past 10+ years. Loved imagining what secrets could dwell in the game since I had played it so many times. Take care and thanks for everything!

on Monday, June 12th, just me said

I am the same as above. I have been following this site since I first discovered, probably in '03. I even contributed to it a few times. Thank you for creating such a fantastic site.

on Wednesday, August 30th, Johnny said

You will be missed. Like many others, I've followed this site and your work on it for about 15 years. Coming back here every now and then takes me back to the golden age. Good luck with your future plans Reeve.